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    Viark Forever boxes

    hello to all I have geant 2500 evo 4k and this receiver has a lot of problems with company's softwares... It is a very powerfull receiver but no good support... I read about convertion this receiver to other with similar chip (HISI3798MV200) like VISION EDGE or STARSAT.... Has anyone did that?
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    I have tried most of the image listed here for the SF8008

    satdreamGR , openBH , openATV 6.4 and pure 2.5 the best for me
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    help...vuuno stucks on starting.....

    help...vuuno sticks on starting..... help if anyone can tell me what o do... i had obh image 0.6 stick on starting and not even flash with usb can do... i put out hdd and usb but nothing is there another way to flash my vuuno?
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    both gr providers hacked?

    Since few last days there are rumors that both n*ova and o*te tv hacked with same way maxtv and digitalb hd hacked....if anyone know something please post it will be great news (if it can come true) :thum::thum::thum:
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    ote tv

    hello everyone is there a way i can play my ote card (nds4) to enigma2 linux receiver? i try with cccam,oscam and scam but nothing....
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    bdc dead?

    hello my upc file for bdc just died few days ago... i just wondering if the file for raduga 75e is till alive? i load one file i had but nothing yet... is someone watching raduga with this card now?
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    tnk hd configs?

    hello I just bought a new polish (conax) card and I want to know if cccam can play direct this card and if anyone have working configs for oscam...
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    problem with HD+ 1843 card...

    hello I use the card with vuuno and not clearing any channel since yesterday! I used it with oscam/cccam and it expires in 07/2013... I used also scam emu to update but nothing... please someone to help....
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    Here is a tip of doing this: 1.Istall latest BH 1.7.8 2.Plug in the usb stick format it and then mount it to "media/usb"! 3.Install meoboot from plugins list (to "media/usb") 4.Transfer ANY OE 2.0 IMAGE you want with dcc program to "media/usb/MbootUpload"(the image MUST be in .usb format)...
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    openAAF 2.0 image update?

    hello to all i have vu uno and this very best image in flash i want to ask if can i update online the image (not by usb method)
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    vti and smsusb driver

    hello i have usb dvb-t stick (crypto redi pc 100) and i can't make it work with latest vti image no recognise it. what drivers do i need? please help and thank u all!
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    cccam and vuuno problem

    hello i have vuuno and latest blackhole image and my cccam crashes suddenly sometimes but mostly when i have the box in stand by for some hours! It goes ok again only if i restart it! (cam) It is because of image or my cccam config?
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    Hello to everyone has anybody tried latest drivers for dm800 and usb dvb-t? It is all ok now? because with latest icvs image usb dvb-t didn't work well (i get no encrypted channels but only FTA)
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    how to add mgcamd card to cccam?

    Hello everyone i have set up cccam as server and client in my dm800 and one of my friend is giving me his local card to share with me with mgcamd! How can i add his local to my cccam version and keep the cccam config i already have?
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    @rami...please modifie this image!

    Hello i just install in dm800 original this image with barry allen: and it works perfectly (and the oled front screen) but when i go to choose cam in blue panel it sais "wrong image in flash" please can u fix it?
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    Move plugins to usb or hdd?

    Hello can anyone tell me how to do that? I am using latest iCVS with gp3!
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    Matroska files?

    Hello i just installed latest PB Enigma2 image and the media player don't play matroska (.mkv) files! My previous image (merlin2) was playing this movie fine! Is there something extra to install?
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    Help with my dm800(original)

    Hello i have a dm800 original and after a reboot my box dont start again!I have message in lcd screen: Dream multimedia error I had merlin2 image in flash and blackhole 1.6.3_by ramimaher and blackhole 133D with BarryAllen! PS: I flashed once but when it comes to "box now flash from it self"...
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    DreamElite 133D with BA problem!

    Hello i have installed latest ozoon in flash and the DE_133D with barry allen and i can't make the extra settings of the image(2x blue button)It says you must install the image in flash! Everything else working great! Is there a way by RAMI to fix this and work with BA! P.S: I have original dm800!
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    Bdc and cryptoworks settings with smargo?

    Hallo can anyone send me oscam configs for UPC or Digiturk to set up with smargo smartreader?