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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    New channel: BBC One North East & Cumbria HD: 4489:0cfdace7:1000:0001:25:0 BBC ONE NE&C HD p:BBC,c:0019c9,c:0319c9,c:050001,c:100004,c:1119ca,c:1219ca,c:0919cd0101,C:2600,f:5
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    Tanks your list allow me to correct mine. Now is with audio and subtitles. 4680:0cfdace7:1000:0001:25:0:0 BBC FOUR HD p:BBC,c:001a2d,c:031a2d,c:050001,c:091a310101,c:121a2e,C:2600,f:4 4700:0cfdace7:1000:0001:25:0:0 CBeebies HD p:BBC,c:001a2d,c:031a2d,c:050001,c:091a310101,c:121a2e,C:2600,f:4...
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    Spanish Abertis DTT Sat @ Hispasat 30W - Chat & How to guides

    Hello, I managed to unravel myself. For anyone that needs. lamedb has to have this / 0ce4aaaa:0001:0001 s 10922000:1667000:1:9:-300:2:0:1:1:0:2 / 0ce4aaaa:ea7e:0001 s 10922000:16400000:1:3:-300:2:0:1:2:0:2
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    Abertis DTT Sat @ Hispasat 30°W/Hylas 33.5°W

    Hi there. What are the transporders in lamedb and channels in ABERTIS 802 format to lamedb. Best Regards.
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    BlindScan in Duo 4K SE

    Does anyone know how to make blindscan work in this device. I have tryed openatv 6.3 to 6.5, SatDreamGr 8, Black Hole 3.1.0. And now way to make blindscan works. Can anyone help. Best Regards.
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    VU+ Duo 4K - Disapear

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know if VU+ Duo 4K is not manufactor anymore. I live in Portugal and can't buy it anywhere. Will be soon a new release, a 8K maybe? Can anyone give me a clue.
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    Vu+Duo2 with TBS5925

    Hi to everyone. Did anyone have tried using TBS5925 as a tunner in this box? Any good results.
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    hello to you all

    hello new member on sat-universe
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    Ajuda para o BBC na 27.5W

    Preciso de ajuda com o dreambox se v2 com o oscamymod usando openatv. Desde Novembro nao consigo por a funcionar. Alguem me pode ajudar?
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    About newleader

    hi this is newleade and his first post