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    Dm 800 Remote control not fully working.

    My remote control stopped working, could not change channels or access the menu. When I press Dreambox button, it lights up but does not send a signal, I checked this, using my mobile camera, (tip from and thanks to Ferret). But, when I press TV button, the TV side of it is fully functional...
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    Which image can I safely load

    I do not want to brick my dm800 pro SIM 210 and would appreciate advice please. This is the setup since I recently bought it. about. Dream Elite Black Hole Enigma: 2010-06-01-experimental Image: Experimental 2019-06-06 Detected NIMs: Tuner A: Alps BSBE2 (DVB-S2) dreambox-secondstage - 76-...
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    DM 500 SE

    Can one of you talented experts let me know whether the dm500se is original or a clone? Thanks
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    DM 800 HD PVR-PRO question

    I hope some of you experts can help me out with the following. I just bought as advertised, DM 800 HD PVR-PRO. Printed on the front is, DM 800 HD PVR, with stickers on the bottom, MODEL: DM 800PVR-S and Inside SIM 2.01. I opened the box to check inside and found sticker on SIM 210 also...
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    Hello, everyone

    Hello, I have just joined this lovely forum, nice to be here, thanks