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    TV Globo?

    Testi could you please be so kind and provide TV Globo with another rp because with the current rp_t404_nb501 it doesn't work! Thanks in advance for everything you made possible during these long passed years! YOU ARE OUTSTANDING, FRIEND!
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    TV GLOBO is missing!

    I folks Tv Globo is missing, needed a litle adjustment!
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    Help my NB 601 doesn't change satellites

    My NB 501 changes easily from Astra to Hotbird or to Intelsat 10-02, but when I change the box for NB 601 this one only catch Astra's signal, the diseq is the same, the antenna's configurations are the same. I reseted the box inserterd the file ABU64013T23-u ( later i repeated the situation...
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    tv globo please

    Hi! Warrior don't you like brasilian tv? Nice soap operas! K 01: PLEASE - KEYS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE POSTED OUTSIDE THE KEYS SECTION! Always you post a softcam TV GLobo is missing! Tanks in advance!
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    TV Globo

    With the last update made by warrior TV GLOBO 13ºE Hotbird id C102 nagra key 01 was lost! Thanks to Isenguard it was solved today! When updating a new key, please keep the previous key file, otherwise there will be allways the chance of missing some keys! By the way thank you to all of you...
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    strong 6xxx

    d+ polska and suiss update