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    how to update smart card without LD

    [reader] label = conax protocol = internal device = /dev/sci0 caid = 0B00 rsakey = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX detect = cd mhz = 500 ident = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX group = 1 emmcache = 1,3,2 blockemm-unknown = 1 blockemm-u = 1...
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    dishtv log 95E

    how can we search dishtv (95E) rsa key from oscam log and how to make rsa through drakker tool ?
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    what is gbox

    hi all i want to know what is gbox and can i run irdeto card on gbox ??
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    dishtv HD

    dishtv HD running on cs i upload screen shots soon if some one have solution for dishtv HD then reply
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    Sundth version 412?

    how to run sundth card version 412 on oscam i have sundth 412 version irdeto card some guys using special oscam binary to run sundth card verion 411, can some one help me, regards
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    install oscam autotweak

    how to install auto tweak oscam manually i have oscam auto tweak version but don"t know how to install this on my dm800se or DM 500s
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    here is oscam auto tweak version i not checked personally yet if its work for sundth or videocon then reply thanks
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    i am using oscam 1.20 unsable and i don't know how to exchange cache to cache exchange and please give me oscam.config for cache setting thanks
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    Find ECM In Oscam For 0B00

    hi i'm trying to find ECM for caid 0b00 - ( dishtv HD ) in Oscam help me
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    need ecm in post cam for dishtv hd 100E

    i need ecm in post cam for dishtv HD 100E can some one help me
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    dishtv sd 95E

    dishtv sd going to close on card sharing on 1st july 2014,dishtv sd zenega boxes stop their serial port in new software,if someone have any solution then please share details.
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    dishtv (95E) card

    can i configure dishtv paired card in dreambox 500s, need your guidance
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    Need Ptv K feed key

    Hy can anybody have Ptv k feed biss key or software plz upload here thanks
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    El 888fta super plus

    Hy respocted members i need the latest software of el888fta super plus,thanks waiting for your kind response.