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    dreambox webtv on internet not work?

    plz help I trying to play dreambox tv on internet laptop my webinterface tv not open, I checked on mozila, ie10, chrome. vlc latest install. dreambox 192.168.... are open fine but WEBTV not open
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    vlc full version including plugin

    vlc required
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    please let me know which is the best and full working webinterface browser to watch WebTV .my dreambox800 original are open on internet but cant play tv . I try on all 3 major browser, chrome, ie9 and mozila.
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    which is the latest and best ccam for all . plz link me to the best ccam and I think is this the correct instruction.. download ccam, unzip, and than extract to destop. than cuteftp or dcc. drag to TEMP folder on right. than go to dream box and manual install...
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    vlc error webintrerface?

    plz help I cant watch channel on internet,mozila web browser . when I click tv following error comes, I try to find google something firewall blocking , but I cant fixed this error is Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL...
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    web interface on samsung note andriod?

    Just wants to asked .can we watch tv on my mobile samsung andriod base mobile .its open when I put ip address .pages are open.but when I click tv its give error ?
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    pak sat 38 esat?

    my 1m motorised dish find almost all from 45east to 27west, but I don't know why 38e pakset cant find, yes few ch from 39e also find. and I notice 38east ch freq are only 4 digit may be my there signal not strong enough.
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    dm800 web interface

    my internet explorer cant play web interface through media player?. but when I go to google chrom its work through vlc. , but through media player . gives error?
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    favourite/bouque setup dm800 hd ?

    how do I setup my own dream favourite ch plz
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    watch dm800 on others room?

    can we watch dm800 ch on upstairs rooms?. at the moment I only watch on my main living room . can I watch same ch upstairs ?
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    my own dm800 thread?

    which is the best and qucikest dm800 image which is the best aand fast load image for original dm800 ?
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    how do i find my own starting dm800 thread?

    sorry its bit silly question but its very usefull for me. I put some question to experts. but so many threads are going add. its very hard to find my question.. ?
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    which is the best full anti virus are availabe ?

    I am looking full anti virus and all in one and I download if its free to trail
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    dm800 and dream ellite slow

    plz help is this normal, when I switch on my dreambox 800 original. my box takes more than 3 to 4 minutes very slow to boots up . I used befr nabilo. its start straight way .but dreamelite slow ?
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    how do I find and open ccam.cfg folder? via cuteftp. in var/etc or etc there are only ccam.provide and folder there no ccam.cfg plz help.. on my dream box there are two cam I download one ccam.2.1.3 and 2.2.1
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    cccam for install

    plz kindly help which is the easy way to install all stuff .DCC or filzia.
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    ccam or others?

    how do I install ccam or any other ccam,i just install dreamelite on my dm800 original hd. and in pc filezila.
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    dm800 thread find?

    dm800 related own post/ thread find? sorry to asked I put my question for experts but I cant find, how do I find my own thread? plz
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    I download filefila for my dream800 .how do I select user name and password ,ip address etc plz explain
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    dm800hd orignal box install from new?

    hi iam new to this kind of work. little knowledge but not enough. I purchase from friend dm800orignal. already blackhole on usb.i attached eathernet cable with box. now I wants to delete all, and you tell me which is the best latest image. and how do I install. please can you tell me how to...