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    Extra url image italysat

    Softcam extra url italysat image copy var/etc attribute 755 green and red buttons
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    CCcam_2.1.4_für gm990_GIT-imagen-ab_4463_PKT

    Hello, here CCcam_2.1.4_für gm990_GIT-imagen-ab_4463_PKT Tested with the golden media 990 and Amiko 9800 :thum:
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    csat canalplus freezz

    bonjour qui peut m'aider à configurer mon CSAT Canal plus, je mettrais les smargo avec mon unbutu 9.4 parce que dans mon dreambox8000 la carte se verrouille toujours quelqu'un m'aider merci
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    new extra url

    EXTRA URL has now since old problem, please use the new URL EXTRA Unpack this file with winzip or winrar Windows then put into the folder via ftp / etc to giga then Atribute / chmod 755 Then reboot and you have the extra download options in the giga
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    Skin Vali.HD.Atlantis "GIGABLUE" ilje mod.

    Vali.HD.Atlantis "GIGABLUE" ilje mod. install via RedPanel or / manuel via Redpanel
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    Ecm nan CCcam 2.1.4

    Ecm nan CCcam 2.1.4 Test on Newnigma2 dm800se and dm800 dm8000 unzip copy with DCC in lib and restart...:thum:
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    The best image for DM800 HD se

    The best image for DM800 HD se for me newnigma2
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    Enigma2-plugin-pimp 2.0 mipsel.ipk

    Enigma2-plugin-pimp 2.0 mipsel.ipk ccam ... for original image Dm800SE...insert files with usb stick
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    Vizyon 10000 HD und software

    Vizyon 10000 HD und software dann auf Menü -> TV system 2020 eingeben danach die Rote Tste drücken kommst du ins EMU rein die neue FW für den 10000 HD+ CS läuft damit Problemlos Then Menu -> enter TV system 2020 then press the red button you get into the EMU purely the new FW for the 10000...
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    Orginalimage Update CC Vizyon 7700 HD version V1.85_100925

    1.Unzip the zip file ,you can see the files folder, include file:NxpRom.bin. 2.Copy files folder to your usb disk with fat or fat32 format. 3.Insert the usb disk to the stb and then startup. 4.Receiver will upgrade NxpRom.bin completely automatic. Note: Do not upgrade NxpRom.bin in usb menu...
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    Change the sim out without Err01: noCA found

    if you change your sim with a Ferrari you have to change the sim upload via browser ssl76ff, NOT reeboot then the decoder, but unplugged change the sim after putting the sim Ferrari starts with the decoder on the button down and uploaded the new image via the browser and after 76ff ssl ...
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    da dove inizio

    ma desideri cambiare imagine..? se si devi usare il flash tools..con cavo serialle.. vedi qua..per tool.. li ci sono anche imagine.. settore italiano sarebbe stato migliore..e poi enigma1 non 2..hahha but want to change image ..? if you...
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    Secondstage for DM800 Clone Ferrari

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    DM800HD : Japhar Sim Images

    DM800 Clone Patched Images For Ferrari Sim #75/76/79/88F Newnigma2 v2.8.4 for DM800 HD ferrari patched Basics: * Enigma2 2.6: 19.02.2010 * Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 19.02.2010 * Newnigma2 Plugins: 19.02.2010 DM 800 HD PVR * driver: 17.01.2010 * secondstage: 75 Changelog: * new plugin Blue Button...
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    CCcam 2.1.4 chat

    Sky Italia is've just tested Card 919 with DM 800 HD test:D
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    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 0.8.5 / Cuberevo 250HD (91HD)

    Enigma2 NightlyBuild 0.8.5 / ipbox (91HD) --------- HISTORY: --------- release 0.8.5 ********************* - fixed AC3 audio dropouts over SPDIF with downmix set to off on few HD channels (report if the bug still there on some channels) - fixed the enable/disable 12v option in advanced enigma2...
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    iradio. AZ Box Internet Radio

    iradio. AZ Box Internet Radio
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    newnigma2-snapshot for DM7025

    newnigma2_snapshot_dm7025_20100125040139 Download
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    SWF-Vizyon-800-E2 V2.0 flash & USB

    SWF-Vizyon-800-E2_V2.0_usb.tar.gz and flash.tar.gz Download Usb Download Flash
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    Image tested for clone dm800 and bl ..

    this image goes up bl70, after loading the image upload bl70 ... tested by me ..:thum: thx mfaraj57