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    DM800se service port driver

    Hello friends, Looked in many threads but failed to get a driver for the service port on DM800se. If I have missed it, could someone please put the thread here. Or simply load the file here. Many thanks.
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    New 820HD on the way

    A new DM820 on the way from DreamMultimedia Here are the specs: 820HD Performance and intelligence for the compact class DM820HD provides real excitement in a small package Hongkong, 26. November 2014. The compact Dreambox range has been expanded with the powerful DM820HD. The...
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    No audio on some channels.

    Have read about this but cannot find the thread. No audio on some channels on DM800 clone. The image is NewEngma2 in flash. On other channels it is fine. This is the same on FTA as well as scrambelled channels. A full restart brings back the audio. Enigma restart does not help. Would be nice...
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    Tring Fantasy channel on 16E

    Hello friends, I used to get the Tring Fantasy channel on Etelsat 16E 11400 V SR 13846 FEC 5/6 But no more, the rest of the Tring Package is fine. Any changes or is it my system? Thanks
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    Tring package on 16E

    Hello, Has anything changed in the Tring package on 16E? I used to get the comedy and Movie channels clearly, but something seems to have changed. Tried another receiver with same result. The dish is aligned correctly. Checked by a spectrum analyzer. Thanks friends.
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    Blackhole VU+ skin location

    Hello Friends. Could someone please remind me where is the location of the Skins directory in the Black hole VU+ image. I installed a black beauty skin and is casing an image crash. I would like to delete as it is gone into the green screen loop. Thanks.
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    Open Pli and Open AAf plugins.

    Hello Friends, Since open AAF image is Open PLi based, can we use the Open AAF plugins/emus on Open Pli image? If yes, then which directory we need to edit to put in the Open AAF upload server in? The reason for asking this question is that TSpanel plugins do not always work on the Open PLi...
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    Sript directory of Open PLi question

    Hello friends, Tried to install some emus for open PLi using ipk files. But the emu script does not show up in the usr/script directory! Is there another location that I need to look into? Many thanks for your help.
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    All BCM Tuners are not equal

    Here is an interesting finding. Had problems with some channels on my DM800se so decided to test another BCM4505 tuner which I ordered. Installed the new tuner and found that some channels failed to tune. Re-installed the old tuner and the channels came back. My conclusion is that the suppliers...
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    Using OE1.6 images with OE2.0 images

    Here is an interesting finding for anyone interested in ruining both image. I read on another forum that we can use an image like Oozone OE2.0 on the internal flash while using an OE1.6 Nemesis image on the external flash. The Barry Allen used is version 7.2 I have not tried it myself because I...
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    DM800SE Motherboard

    What is a reasonable price for a clone DM800SE Motherboard Without Tuner and Sim card? Is it reliable? I have seen it advertised for $155.
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    If Barry Allen fails to boot, here is what you can do

    Hello Friends, Here is a nice tip if you happen to have trouble with your box. Tried to switch to another image from multiboot and the box would not boot to any image (not even the internal flash)! So switched on the box and it went into a loop giving me a blank screen. Was not ready to...
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    DM8000 Production shut down

    DM8000: Production is shut down 25.06.2012 DM8000 HD PVR Production is shut down The DM8000 HD PVR translated the claim into action to unite digital consumer electronics into one device. It is all the more regrettable, then, that Dream won't be able to carry on the production of this...
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    Barry Allen delete image problem.

    Hello Friends, Trying to delete an image that got corrupted from my extenal flash using Barry Allen. It says that the image was deleted, but I can still boot the supposidly deleted image. Tried using FTP to delete the image but no luck. Is there a sure way (other than formating the USB) to...
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    Setup lock

    To stop the kids playing with setup. I tried locking the setup on many images in Enigma 2 on both DM800 and DM800se. It simply does not work. And Yes it is activated in the Parental lock. The parental lock works nicely (but unwanted channels can only be hidden using DreamSet or a special...
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    Is there an E2 plugin for Transponder Editing?

    Hello friends, In Enigma1 we can go the function of transponder editing using the remote control. This function is not available in Enigma2. (If it is there please show me the way). Is there a plugin that allows us to edit transponder detail in E2 using the remote control? Thanks BM300 :)
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    BCM tuners which one?

    Hello friends, What is the diffrence between diffrent versions of DM800se BCM tuners? Like BCM4505, BCM4506 etc? Thanks BM300 :)
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    Looking for CCcam ipk for Nemesis

    Hello, Looking for CCcam ver in ipk format for Nemesis 2. Searched the previous posts, and I am sure that it is there, but could not find it! Many thanks BM300 :)
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    Conflict between Ferrari addons manager and TSPanel

    Hello, It may be my set up, but I noticed that TSPanel stopped working on my DM800se Ferrari, after installing Ferrari addons manager. The TSPanel was working nicely before adding the Ferrari Plugin. Anyone has a similar experience?
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    Two Questions about Barry Allen

    Hello Friends, Decided to try Barry Allen instead of MeoBoot for a change. My setup is DM800se with ICVS image on the internal flash (Ferrari Sim) Installed BA on the Flash. BA recognized and Installed the images of intrest on the external media. The installed images show up nicely when I...