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    NHL Ice Hockey & Football Matches on 22W SportsNet Feeds

    Покушај ре-скан тп - уколико раде, фидови емитују довољно јак сигнал и немаш проблема са пријемом. ;) Translate: @meho7 does not want to brag about his equipment ... :) but if it has a good reception on channel Programme National, it also certainly has a good reception of NHL feeds if they are...
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    "CW Finder from C8_data & C8 - checker.xlsx"

    "CW Finder from C8_data & C8 - checker.xlsx" was created in MS Excel 2013. It contains more than 10000 cw keys and more than 14300 C8 keys. This is a little help for you and for me it was still a big deal because of the manual enrollment of the c8 keys in the database of this file! Good...
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    Football UEFA CL & EL Feeds on SAT (FTA)

    8W - 12528 V 4150 3/4 - 16APSK H.264 [4:2:2] ID: David 1 Provider: SRG SSR SID:0001 VPID:0200-hex Info: SRF zwei (SRF sportlive) Feed (UEFA Champions league) - CSKA Moscow vs Young Boys Clear/FTA
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    Channels encrypt in Tandberg [NEWS]

    7E - 11021 V 7200 3/4 - DVB-S2/8PSK H.264 [4:2:0] ID: IMG3 EU Provider: CM5000 SID:0001 VPID:0200-hex Info: Golfing 2017 VOLVO China Open ENC: Tandberg T 06CD 01 43xxxxxxxxxxF400 ; old key
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    Italian Football - RAI Feeds 12.5W,7E [Old Key Info & Chat]

    7°E - 12599 V 5000 - DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-2 [4:2:2] ID: RaiITA648B Provider: RAI SID:0001 VPID:0200-hex Info: Football Italian Serie A - Chievo vs Empoli CW: 10 xx xx 10 xx xx 01 01 - OLD KEY (RAI)
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    Service feeds - 1+1, 2+2, TET (Ukraine), ... 23.5E (no keys)

    23.5E - 11817 V 27500 5/6 - DVB-S2/8PSK ID: service01 (1+1) SID:17D4 V:17D5 (6101-dec) MPEG-2 CW: 00 XX XX XX XX XX XX 00 F 17D41FFF 00 00XXXXXXXXXXXX00 ; service01 (1+1) (23.5E 11817V27500) F 17D41FFF 01 00XXXXXXXXXXXX00 ; service01 (1+1) (23.5E 11817V27500) .......... ID: service02...
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    How to create a new "v_keys.db" file of "SoftCam.Key" file (in pictures) for beginners

    How to create a new "v_keys.db" file of "SoftCam.Key" file (in pictures) for beginners (by shishmish) :) * explanations and details are written in pictures one sample (in attached) Best regards :thum: shishmish
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    Tutorial: All settings vPlug_Server_v1.0.2.21 -Hadu -Tandberg by shishmish

    Tutorial - All settings vPlug_Server - Hadu - Tandberg by shishmish FIRST, I have and use PC with OP "Windows XP SP3" (bought used before two year), graph.card: ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 Series (bought used before one year), DVBS card: TechniSat SkyStar HD2 (bought new, three years ago) and monitor...
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    How find BISS keys over CWFinder09 of help CW_list_Attack ...

    How find BISS keys over CWFinder09 of help CW_list_Attack ... How to find valid BISS keys from a recorded .ts file via "CWFinder09" of help "CW_list_Attack" , one of the two possibilities ... You can permanently add your new BISS keys in the text file "CW_list_Attack" in main folder of...
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    SeXation HD on Eutelsat 16E

    NEW CHANNEL: SeXation TV HD 16°E - 11637 H 30000 5/6 - DVB-S2/8PSK H.264 Provider: TAG Broadcasting SID:077E VPID:0AF1 Clear/FTA
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    VIP TV HD on Eutelsat 16E

    NEW CHANNEL: VIP TV HD (Srbija) 16°E - 11637 H 30000 5/6 - DVB-S2/8PSK H.264 Provider: TAG Broadcasting SID:0771-hex VPID:05DD Clear/FTA
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    Warning! Please do not write posts with unchecked (copy/paste) keys

    Please do not write posts with unchecked (copy/paste) keys because this creates confusion!!! :confused: some examples: This is not true. ... or posts before: ... have them lots. Several occasions written on this forum about time of change ECMkeys on channels SIS Live at 4.8E (no...
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    DVB Softcam.Key for PowerVuEmu_v2.0 or higher

    All PowerVu keys of DVB Softcam.Key for PowerVuEmu v2.0 or higher
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    HNL (Crotian - Prva Hrvatska Nogometna Liga [Football]) 16°E chat

    Active today (24.05.2015) - all same freq & key !! Now: NK Istra vs Dinamo Zagreb
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    How to check the correctness BISS CW keys ?

    How to check the correctness (4th and 8th digits) BISS CW keys - or ... small school for large pupils :) The presentation is given in the pictures (below) - step by step
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    Guangdong International TV (134°E) Guangdong International TV (134°E) Apstar-6 @ 134°E Launch:19.03.2013 FREQ: 3840 H 27500 3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID: 0006 VPID: 0034 (52-dec) APID: 0036 (54-dec) ONID: 0001 TID: 0007
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    Discussion about NCam

    What is the significant difference between NCam and OSCam? NCam is limited to the card reader, protocols, support cards, ... Both have the same files for settings (.conf, .server, .user, ...), the difference is only in the name (ncam.conf=oscam.conf, ncam.server=oscam.server, ...) What is better...
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    Home +7h (Feed) Express-MD1 (80.0°E)

    Home +7h (Feed) Express- MD1 (80.0°E) 3875 R (C-band ) 32000 3/4 NID:58 [in DEC] TID:120 [in DEC] VPID:201 [in DEC] APID:202 [in DEC] SID:00C8
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    Changes CW Keys (CS Link/SkyLink, Tring or other) - my suggestion!

    Gentleman's! You are not at all interesting with giving the CW Keys that are changing every two or three hours. People will not three times a day changes the keys. Do you think that people all day watching channels from the Package CS Link/SkyLink, Tring or others and just waiting to your new...
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    Zamjari (@ 108.2°E, not 95°E!!!) ** Chat Only Here, No Keys **

    Correct Info: Zamjari @ NSS 11 (108.2°E) 12411 V 11110 5/6 NOT NSS 6 (Biss Encrypted) Zamjari 1 SID:0004 Key:32............87 Zamjari 2 SID:0003 Key:40............69