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    Wanting to get back into the fta scene, is Azbox Elite worth the trouble?

    Hey guys, I previously did fta testing with an Azbox Elite HD box and would love to pick back up on my old hobby after a 5 year hiatus. My STB was always buggy, reboots, locks up etc,,, between that and my coax feed went bad due to corrosion, I gave up the hobby for a bit. I did set up custom...
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    Is there better than PBNigma for AZBox Elite HD?

    I finally had success repairing the Az from "Booting" hell. My question, I have been using PBNigma, but it is very buggy on my box. I do use Oscam emu, is there a better image than PBNigma 5.1 for my box? It has 300Mhz CPU, but I overclocked to 350Mhz. PBNigma locks up all the time and pisses...
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    Help with FTP/Az Restoration file

    I successfully talked with Yamon in Azbox Elite HD. However, when I get to step for copying file "backup_kernel" to MMP folder, it starts the transfer but ends abruptly and doesnt copy over. It then shows file size in Azbox as 0 bytes. I have made several attempts, but always the same. I am...
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    Azbox fubar'd!

    Well, so much for the az. I had attempted to install/try open atv. However, box stuck at loading 49%, stuck on logo screen. So, I tried reloading the image again, it stuck during the download. I cycled power. Oops. Now I get booting on display. I can't connect to box now. So I've ordered a try...
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    An lnbf or should I stick with corotor?

    I am in process of reinstalling my c/ku band equipment and wonder if any of the lnbf available are as good as the old chapparel or calamp co rotor lnb's? I need it to be c and ku band dual feed. Not sure if there is such a beast but would save some cabling. I would rather run the belden cable...
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    Keys for 91 w

    Can someone confirm the public kiys posted all over the net for ro*tsports is correct? Don't seem to be working for me. If they updated, would someone pm current kiy? Thanks and happy new years!
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    What is overwriting and .tv in Enigma2 folder

    I have been screwing around with the box a bit this afternoon, and could not find option for iptv streaming in dreamboxedit (I had an old 2.0 version) so I ftp'd file "" to box. It never showed in file list. It still don't BUT it shows up under If I try to used...
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    Oscam without smartcard "newbie" question

    I'm trying hard to get up to speed here. I've been reading but I'm confused. With Oscam, I think stb (Azbox HD) is both server and client, so do I need smartcard? I am in north america and I don't know if the Az HD Elite even has a smartcard reader, and don't know if I even need one, but...
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    Does anybody have pv open a'la Azbox Hd?

    Just wondering if its possible, since at 300 Mhz the elite Hd should be fast enough, but it is lacking in RAM...
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    Azbox Hd elite pvu

    Is there any pvu public key I can try for north america satellites? I'd like to know if I am wasting my time with this box of ven though it's already paid for years ago...
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    Hello from USA

    I would like to say hi from Georgia, USA. I have a 80 cm ku only dish and 10.5' mesh dish, scanning skies from 43W TO 139W. If I can be any help from USA, let me know. Also I am interested in particular providers Claro 125W and one on amazonas 2 61W. I have azbox hd elite, viewsat plat, and...