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    Yamal 601 @ 49° - 40 E- c band T2-MI discussion

    The Dialectic Plate is used for only L/R satellites, for those like 55.5W that are H/V the plate is not needed. You can take 40.5W as example that the plate must be used.
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    PFCi - April 2021 P 0000 00 CE92D85E16065A ; 01/04/2021 13:13:23, [PFC Internacional] Leave a like if worked
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    PowerVU EMU 3.8.1 Needs Unmasking: True

    Hi guys, i dont know if this is the correct place to make my question... On 55.5W some powervu channels work like a charm with dvbviewer + powervu emu 3.8.1 like caribe but i have the keys + AU for F*X and i get only audio, video is black. LOG of F*X: IsDecrypted: True DVB Scrambling Algo: DES...
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    Tutorial: Costum Arm to Ku Prime Focus for Cband Reception

    Tutorial How to get Cband on Ku Prime focus dish with custom Arm (Home Made) Video: How to make the Arm: Comment or PM if you need any help setting up your C-Band Hardware.
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    Wrestling/MMA/BOXING FEEDS

    WWE Smackdown 55.5W 3962 H 6600 ID: WWE FTA
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    Need 53W / 47.5W Strongest TP to tune

    If someone can drop here the strongest tps from the sats above. Thanks
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    The Real Truth - Why WWE Dont send Tapped over Sat Anymore

    Hi all, After a chat with a friend that works on a tv station in europe, he revealed to me all the secrets that wwe is using at the moment to avoid feed hunters and online leaks of their shows. They are smart and only live shows go on feed (C-Band) for difficult satellites due to: -> You need...
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    55.5W Hint and Help (Ku -> C-Band)

    Hi All! I had the idea of testing my old 60cm dish i used to have to Hispasat on 55.5W with Motor from DMS International i dont use. The results are pretty interesting to say the least. Hardware: -> LNB 0.1 Dicom -> Solid 60cm dish -> DMS Motor Diseqc 1.2 Dish: LNB: Motor: Kangput...
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    Cband Tests - Portugal - SES 6 40.5W - 125CM Dish

    Hi Sat-Universe Thanks to my friend natedogg we were working 2 hours to get it working. SES 6 is were Brazilian Channels are and with Power VU protection, i was able to open Globo Brazil with power vu emu. For this tests we used: -> Alluminium Dish 125cm -> C1W-PLL lite C-band LNBF Wideband...
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    C-band Crazy Project - Home Made

    Hello All, Im doing a nice project of turning Ku-Band dish on C-Band dish without destoying it! Material: Aluminium Paper - 5 rolls (chinese shop) Paper Box - 9 Boxes will be needed Roll of Glue - 3 Rolls Needed Aluminium Wire - 2 Rolls Procedure: 1º - You will...
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    Tutorial: How To Mount C-Band LNB on Ku Dish (All Detailed)

    C-Band: How to in Europe by mrhardylima A good C-band lnb from the shop titanium satellite costs 25 USD if im not in error. After it, people look at it like it was my case and stated the search with the help of natedogg (special thanks). All LNB C-Band comes with: -> LNB -> Scalar Ring ->...
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    Fibo Dish + Fibo Stop Motor (Help)

    Hi, i got some hours ago a dish, Fibo Dish, it was from german house in Portugal. The cable that comes from the motor looks like RJ45 cable. My question is: - What type is the motor? - How i can make it Work? - Is it made to work with V-box? Pics: Pics...
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    WWE over KU and the Mistery (News/Facts)

    Hi all, it has been a mistery during a year since WWE left Sly Germany and OS* UAE got WWE special contract so as Sportsnet 360. WWE PPV was on 15W Raw yesterday was on 15W and left 5 min before show start. Now on this feed 7E they shown BottomLine and after it, got on test card...
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    OSN Sports 2 HD 7w Wrestling

    Hello, i found out some minutes ago that WWE is now with all shows on OSN Sports HD2 first then WWE Network. Anyone know the correct client to open them?
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    20W NSS7 Feeds

    I was almost surprised with this satellite comming with feeds. I tried my luck and i got 9db even with rain on the 720p and 1080i feeds about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Feed 1: Fréquence: 12636 - Pol: H - SR: 4750 - FEC: - Catégorie: Sport - Autres Transmis en: MPEG-4 Infos: About 2014...
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    Tutorial: Insert Biss Key on Enigma2 Box / Linux Cheap Box

    How to Insert Biss Key on Enigma2 Box As you know Enigma2 Box are based on linux system and stable Go to your FTP, put the adress on filezilla normally is User: root Pass: root Press enter, after you connect search for /usr/keys shortcut and delete. It will ask if you really want to do it...
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    Signal Loss With Rain - 120cm/Motor H-H

    Hello everyone, today when i woke up, i turned on my xtrend and i was WTF?! , only 10db on 7E instead of 12.3db so as in 10E. I want to watch feeds over winter, if you guys have a solution i will appreciate. Thanks