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    I just received the DM100 S. It is a small receiver without Linux and with closed Software. Attached you can see many pictures of the receiver and the Menu. I tested only for a little the receiver and I did see that also even the G*a*m*a card is working perfectly. For other "functions"...
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    TDMan HISAT 15/09/08

    TDMan HISAT update 150908
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    Triple Dragon Keys with a DM500s?

    How do I use the Triple Dragon Keys with a DM500s, I am new to the DM , so any help will be appreciated. Check out the DreamBox section of the forum and not the Triple Dragon section and keys.
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    TDMAn HISAT 05/05/08

    With latest mgcamd inside. Update through network, usb or online. REMEMBER: YELLOW, OK, RED Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    Latest Key for Triple Dragon

    Triple Dragon keys Triple Dragon Keys 02052008 Updated POLSAT, Multichannel, TPS, PW, Digi+ AKA RCS, Kingston, Bell Vu, Dish Network, TV Globo control various words added, cable keys
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    TD Software Backup Plugin

    TD Software Backup Plugin This is a new Plugin made by Megalomaniac . Quick and simple software backup via OSD Create a Filesystem backup or a complete Image backup. Enter a Name for your backup Select a location to store your backup: HDD, USB, Network Save configuration then Press red...
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    TDMAn HISAT 06/02/08

    With new evocamd and mgcamd inside. Image availiable online. Just do YELLOW, OK, RED... Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    TDMAn HISAT 05/02/08

    Update with new mgcamd inside. For now evocamd in old version. I will make new one when it will be released. Image aviliable online. Just do YELLOW, OK, RED... Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    Picmod Cronbear 1. Image

    Picmod Cronbear 1. Image New 8Mb image. Whats new? - crond (default in image) - dropbear (ssh) (install via xml) - DE, FR, CZ language - emu's op HDD of USB - Bootlogo fixed How to install? Flash 8Mb image (TDCC) MD5 (picmod8mb_cronbear.bin) = 13e16ffc39eb3ff6604606d288c084d4 ( please...
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    Tdman 10 Gbox edition

    For gb*x ONLY. Copy executable to /var/bin, chmod 755 and reboot receiver. Included some usable plugins for gb*x. Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    10e HISAT update

    10e HISAT update Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    Dragon Team Christmas Edition 8MB

    New things: - Christmas bootlogo - New version of XML Menu 0.12.08 [ MaguMagu ] - Reworked list of addons - Reworked and modified icons for Deep Blue skin Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    TDMan - HISAT version 9c update

    Here comes update to HISAT edition of software for triple dragon. Users who already have 9xx version of HISAT can update it from internet directly. Just go to extras and: -choose Update Software plugin -start it -press OK on remote -press red button Update will be downloaded and installed in...
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    Dragon Team Image v4.3

    Dragon Team Image v4.3 Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    Triple Dragon Original Image 09/10/07

    Triple Dragon Original Image 09-10-2007 here comes an update with the enhancement from the "developer kitchen #9" and some other things. We anounce this as public testing, so it will not be in the online update yet. If you find problems releated to the changed/added things listed in the history...
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    Dragon Team v4.2.1

    Dragon Team v4.2.1
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    Official Triple Dragon image 10/09/07

    tdimage_2007_09_04.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - new : as requested by some users, the infobar can show a signal level bar. To see that signal level bar, just enable it in the OSD setup. -...
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    Official Triple Dragon image 04/09/07

    tdimage_2007_09_04.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - update: added Eutelsat Eurobird 9 on 9A° east to the transponder database - change: added some more provider name fixes (upper/lower case...
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    Official TD image 02/08/07

    tdimage_2007_08_02.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - change: added additional check for correct texts to fix a segmentation fault on 7 degrees east on all Digitürk channels because of stupid data...
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    Libmount plugin

    2.0 - added ability for mount 1 - 10 - if running hdd, can use /var & /hdd locations for a total of 20 mounts (excessive?) 1.9 - added functionality to delete mount data in "load" window - added OSD confirmation for mount, unmount, & delete with error checking (i hope) 1.7b - added load...