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    Carthage Team

    Hi. I heard 'bout the new team which hack the channels. Is that true 'bout carthage team? What users in this team? Who knows?
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    Where are the good hackers?

    Hey, guys, can u plz help me to find some hackers which can crack any channel? Coz I wanna someone to crack cryptoworks key to MTV Networks 13e, so everyone can watch nick europe.
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    Constant CW in cosmosat 7400

    Hey, guys. I can't put constant CW key in cosmosat 7400 for rai yoyo and other. But now for rai yoyo. I have thread "constant" in my receiver. I put SID when I must put Prov ID :0d66 and put the key. And nothing. How to put the key that it works? Maybe I did smth wrong?
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    RAI/TivùSat CCWs 13°E **CHAT

    How put that keys in cosmosat 7400? Write in cosmosat 7400 emu format? If I have constant cw thread where to put. What provider input? Sid or smth else?
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    JSC Sports 13e CCWs

    Hi. Why is somebody can't write jsc sports ccws for 13e if they're changing in every 2 or 5 minutes?? Write everybody these ccws keys. Now is one turn and then smb else would write.
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    MTV Networks 13E/19E

    Hi. Anyone have the new cw key for mtv networks on 13e?
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    Hi. I think u can communicate with hackers which unencrypt zee tv on 13e. So, can u say them - do they can unencrypt nickelodeon 13e on 11075v or all package MTV Networks 13e. Very thanks...