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    This is the standard Oscam is it not, does is work with icam?
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    News of the Gt media

    Before you do anything else save your channel list and then do a factory reset. Then restore channels and settings. Or before that it could also be worth trying just re-installing the latest firmware as usually all settings are saved.
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    News of the Gt media

    Only seems to get the box ID by connecting via wifi. Try that.
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    Oscam-emu can not start.

    I have updated binary the same as always and Oscam will not start. Anyone else having same problem? Vu+ solo2 openvix
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    Ert 39E

    Can anyone explain why using the latest Oscam and latest SoftCam.key from Informed (for tuxbox) the greek ert channels on 39e do not clear. Other channels on different sats are ok.
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    Oscam 11503

    Latest Oscam-11503 (Juli13) emu says no entitlements. What needs to be done?
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    In the files section there is a whole section with, oscam.dvbapi, oscam.srvid and osacm.srvid2 files. These are quite large files but what do they actually do when put in to config folder? Would they make any difference to an already working setup? Would more channels be available...
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    Hi to everyone......nice forum with lots of info!