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    Live Tv Sat HotBird & DTT

    Super Cup U.E.F.A Today August 12, 2014 hour 20.45 Live Tv: Italia 1 Real Madrid (Champions League) vs Seville (Europa League) :clapping::thum::clapping:
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    Where was Sat? or Milandro

    Where was Sat? My decoder Hustler on Sirius 5 ° East no longer see is encoded
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    DiabloCam2 Ipnosys 37 ? ** Chat...

    hello all ... Ipnosys new vers. --- ****> 37 (New Diablo ² Twin Support) which means mean ?? :confused: thanks ...
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    Free X Tv where new freq. ?

    Hello everyone Happy Easter Greetings want to know Hard Core Free X TV X Dream TV and now there's more where frequent on Sat? was freq. 11411 is gone! where new freq. ?? :confused:
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    Rai ? Information

    Rai is nothing that happened in May key0D:?:rolleyes::(
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    [Now is back]Rai no signal on HotBird !

    Rai no signal on satellite technical problems ... Freq. 10992 neither 11766 nor even on HotBird DTT Digital Terrestrial! :eek:
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    Firmw. Magic for Pioneer

    Firmw. Magic v1.19 for Pioneer
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    Sky Italia (chat)

    Caid 3db8 Sid 42of Vpid ? 1° can. liguria Caid 3db8 Sid 420b vpid ? Tg Norba Puglia
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    New Upd. Cam Viac Red Pack

    New Upd. Cam Viac Red Pack
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    C-Tech and Diablo not agree that HD C+Sat

    Hello everyone firmware. on C-tech and Diablo2 not agree that HD C+Sat was the dark vision that takes great vision but lacks Diablo2 Choccolat not see ... solve any problem .... heartfelt thanks to all forum here:eek::mecry::mad:
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    New New New MediaSet

    New MediaSet Fta Now... (futuro new TivuSat ???) Freq. 11334 Hor. 27500 2/3 HotBird Canale 5 1+ - Italia 1 +1 - La 5 - Canale 5 HD
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    Ipn0.13 All Down "InXWorld"

    Ipn0.13 All Down "InXWorld" Free X Tv 1 and 2 - RedLight Prem. - X Dream Tv passato viacc 4.0 !!! :mecry::mecry::mecry:
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    Diablo2 timer expired ...

    Now timer expired ... Sky and TivùSat .. probably not safe?? cup final today Italy is maybe ... prox. will new firmware. ciauzzz ...:eek::mecry:
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    Diablo2 Ipnosys **Down Chat Thread** (Redlight Elite Fusion Package [aka FreeX] & Al Jazeera Sport [aka JSC])

    Diablo2 Ipnosys0.12 All Down (Redlight Elite Fusion Package & Al Jazeera Sport) :mecry:
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    Jaz. Sport's Pass viac. 4.0

    Jaz. Sport's Pass viac. 4.0 Default Al Jazeera Sport, testing techniques Viaccess 4.0 In addition to the bouquet of channels in the SCT, Sex Channel Television, including channels Al Jazeera Sport + present on Eutelsat Hotbird are carrying out technical tests with a newer version Viaccess so...
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    OSCam Sky Fix

    oscam sky fix E2
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    Ipnosy All Down inXWorld

    Ipnosy007 for diablo2 All Down inXWorld (RedLight Prem. Free X Tv1/2 Xdream Tv and F. Lover Tv)
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    Mosc Viaccess2.6 Sct

    Mosc viacess2.6 SCT
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    Emu Keys for Kenwood

    Upd. 3 febr.
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    PredaSaur 2.40 by Ale

    New PredaSaur 2.40 !!! :thum: