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    Newnigma2 with BA on Clone

    Hi i have Newnigma2 on my clone ... if i would use BA which image can i run on the usb stick. If i have multiple images on the stick (is this possible?) are they on the same partition or on different ?
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    newnigma2-release-dm800-v3.2-ramiMAHER #76D

    I installed this image today .. but in the plugin seciotn there are a lot of ! (updates available) can i update with my clone or should i avoid it?
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    Newnigma2 Plugin error

    Hi, i installed again 3.1.4 cause i was really stable. Then i installed a couple of plugins without restart during them only at the end. If i go no to plugins i always get this message: Some Plugins are not available: Extensons/DVDPlayer (_init_() got an uexpected keyword argument...
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    Newnigma2 v3.1.5-ramiMAHER #76D

    1. Does the webif work or do i have to install old version again? 2. Can I use this image in Flash with BA or Meoboot?
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    Connect OSCAM CLIENT - > CCCAMD Server

    Hello, is it possible to connect a Kathy 910 with oscam to a dreambox with ccamd server? If yes, where can i find a howto or who can explain=?
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    MGCAMD Ignore

    Hi, how can i make it that mgcamd 1.35->ccamd ignores 09C4 but uses Nagra. There was a thread here but did not work.
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    Cuberevo - IPBOX 9000

    Hello, is there a difference between these both? Can they use the same firm-/software? Do they have the same hardware? thx regards zack