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    3D Movie Trailers

    3D Movie Trailers (Double Click on Player) Avatar 3D SOSLdqxr2Uk Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 3D rBQGseQ-Tec Pirates Of Caribbian - On Stranger Tide 3D SmV4ieSpk4k Alice In Wonderland 3D 5gmxUIsFdGM Conan The Barbarian 3D DIljuTpWGf0
  2. O tomorrow takes over all operations Total TV in Croatia! tomorrow takes over all operations Total TV in Croatia! Croatia tomorrow takes over all operations Total TV in Croatia, in accordance with an agreement signed today by the investment fund Mid Europa Partners, majority owner of Total TV, and Austrian BEWAG Group, owner of
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    Avatar II

    AVATAR II: My Big Fat Pandora Vs The Deathly Hallows Striking Back At Muriel's Lethal Weapon: Reloaded 6dIOw2sffHI&feature=player_embedded
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    New rp_t502 and Digi

    It seems that the last rp_t502 Digi TV does not work. Can someone confirm?
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    SU's Today's Football matches available FTA or with EMU [Europe, MENA & Asia Reception]

    Football matches available with EMU
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    RAI down or just me?

    Last RAI key dont work today. Or is problem just on me?
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    A new problem's for Premiere?

    A new problem's for Premiere? Hackers's seems he managed to break VIDEOGUARD coding system of "Premiere". How to write "DigitalFernsehen (DF)" hackers with free software to install and some SET-TOP BOX Eva managed to read VIDEOGUARD coding system. On the Internet appear first emulator's to...
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    Polsat Channel's on another key

    A this moment in Polsat package channel's: Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery World, HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, Kino Polska, Zone Club, Zone Reality use 01 key from 20.08.2008. Polsat 01 key (20.08.2008)
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    Turner is back!

    Today Turner package is back and work with old keys.
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    Premiere problems?

    Did' something going on with Premiere encryption? I ask, because I read about people with some receiver's (Quadro, Topfield...) have a big problems with opening Premiere package last two days.
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    RAI Africa (Raitalia 3 Africa, Now @ 9°E in Viaccess)

    Anybody know where is RAI Africa now? Before few days he leave 11756 MHz Ver on HB 13E, and I canot find him. Now is on this frequency RAI Italia.
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    Multivision CCW keys, CAID ID???

    I see posted CCW keys for Multivision channels, but can somebody to tell me CAID or Provider ID for this keys?
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    Canal+, Canal+ Sport... down!

    Channels Canal+, Canal+ Sport... in TPS down. Anybody know why?