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    Error 10

    Hi Chaps. Trying to reflash cube revo 9000 hd and after i see update usb I get this error coming 10 Is it dead or what. Current image boots ok but cant update it. Any help would be welcome. Ta Muchly :mecry: :mecry:
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    Incubuscam will Not Install

    Hi. Been trying to Install Incubuscam but it keeps installing to root using the tar.gz install but looking for the ipk version that includes e2 version.Using Sifteam extreme E2 in usb Installed mgcam sucsessfully using this. Been trying for 2 days and getting pretty frustrated now. Thanks In...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Just joined looking forward to learning all about Cube Revo. Just put my Dreambox away so I can get H.D. :D