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    TSPanel problems

    mr mafraj please check the plugin 5.6 i have crush in vu+du blackhole 1.7.4
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    problem vu+du multiboot

    i have vu+du and in flash i use black hole 1.6.6 when i install meboot in flash memory and multiboot other image my box hang in starting it coming up but no remot and no any function working try change many flash memory but no result any idea thenks
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    dream 800 not booting

    hello i have dreambox 800 it stop on booting it give ip when i want flashing an it flashing done and ok i try many image it accept image but when want booting it stop any idea thnks
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    cccam on original image

    hello to every one i have dreambox 800se and i want use cccam on original image but i dont find any option on this image any idea thnks
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    use password on vu+solo

    hello my friend i want to use password on my solo at startup not for dcc or telnet only for booting and startup any idea or any plugin do that please help thnks
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    dream elite beta 2 update

    hi to all today i install new dream elite beta2 image it is good and lovely but i update image and when i restart it every thing change the skin removed and default skin came and last skin gone blue panell also removed and gone i dont know what happen i reflash egain image any body know what...
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    english languages

    hi to all any way to change default languages in all channel to english? i am now manualy change channel languages to english. thnk
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    vu+du not booting

    hello to every one my vu+du not booting and i tray to install image with usb but nothing happen any idea or any way to flash new image like r232 or lan cable please show me because not install with usb thnks
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    nemsis image for multi boot

    hi who tested the nemsis2.2 for vu+du.and i think this image only for flash and not install for usb and multiboot.please check any idea for nfi nemesis thnk
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    dream 800 wrong flash

    hi today i flashed my dm800 with wrong image clone and it dead now. what i do i can not flash it egain every time i hold power boton to give me ip but no only this mesage show please what can i do for this big problem message:sim201 team mfaraj57 #76d error error:no ca found
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    tuner seting for 2 tuner in vu+du

    hello my friend i want use 2 tuner of vu+du first tuner for motor and usals and second tuner for 1 dish hotbird which setting i must use thnks all
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    using motor and switch

    hello every body i have dm800se and i want use 3 dish seperat and 1 motor by switch4/1 but i dont know what seting i use in enigma2 please any body know help me step by step thnks:mecry::mecry::mecry:
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    PKT mod 1.0.289 Tideglo rev 1.0.0 Xmas Edition

    PKT mod 1.0.289 Tideglo rev 1.0.0 Xmas Edition 900-910 900 910
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    incubus in pgi 07

    hello every body i want run incubuscamd in pgi 07 but it dosent have online plagin any body know how it working:thum::thum::thum:
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    install emu in pkt

    i just install pkt e2 image its very fast and no hang but i can not run any emulator or incubus on it pleas help me iam tired:mecry::mecry::mecry::mecry::mecry::mecry::mecry:
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    incubus in enigma2

    i just install enigma2 sifteam image but i can not run incubuscamd or url2 any body know?