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    iDreamX connection error

    Hi Guys 1) I have recently switched from PC to Mac and was trying to connection to my VU+Solo2 using iDreamX but am not able to connect, it says 530 : login incorrect. Please login with username and password. I have tried root, dreambox, left password blank still no joy. I used to use DCC on my...
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    uk dish setup

    ​Hi Guys I have just moved to the UK and living in NW4 (Hendon). I am trying to install a dish and do the setup myself (DIY) as the installer quoted me 120 Pds for the installation and setup. I have bought a dish and all equipment required for the setting. i.e. dish, lnb, ...etc. I own a...
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    VU+Solo2 - BackUp image by Mercedes35

    Hi Guys Need your help. Please can some one tell me how I can install the VU+Solo2 BlackHole 2.1.5 BackUp by Mercedes35 on my solo2. I am not able to install this image in my flash. 1) Do I install the original Blackhole image 2.1.5 in flash 2) Then can I install this Backup by Mercedes35 in...
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    Dreamplex E2 plugin for VU+Solo2

    Hi Guys I am new to this dreamplex plugin and need your help. 1) Can I use this plugin on my VU+Solo2 2) I see there is a Plugin (Dreamplex Client). How do I get a Plex server to use with this Dreamplex client plugin? 3) How to convert a .deb file to .ipk? for using it on E2 receiver. Thanks...
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    Password for FTP

    Hi Guys I have d/loaded the backup image openpli 4 by tytus56 and transferred it to MbootUpload but when I go to meoboot to install the image I cannot see it to install. B-t-w, how do I use the FTP Password: root dreamboxes as mentioned on the bottom of the image? I use DCC and my login name...
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    Best image for VU+Solo2 in flash for using meoboot

    Hi Guys I did not want to hijack the thread "Best image for Solo2" and that is why I am opening a new thread. Recently I have noticed some new development - correct me if I am wrong :( I have had experience for more than a decade now with this sat-hobby, 1st Dreambox DM-7020, VU+duo and now...
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    VU+Solo2 Freezing at Startup, VTI image.

    Hi Guys I am a fan of VTI images beside BH. I had a VU+Duo and now have a VU+Solo2. Now to address the problem. 1) I have installed the latest image BH 2.1.1 in flash and upto here everything seems OK. 2) I have also installed the same image BH 2.1.1 in meoboot with plugins/addons - everything...
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    OpenPLI 3.0

    Hi Guys Need your help in setting up OpenPli 3.0 in meoboot on my VU+Duo. I have the latest BH image in flash and am trying various images in meoboot. Presently I have installed OpenPli 3.0 in meoboot and I am have the following issues. 1) I am not able to install MediaPortal ipk pack from...
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    Adding URL for streaming IPTV

    Hi Guys I am new to this IPTV streaming. I am using BH 2.0.5 on my VU+duo and in the Black Hole Green Panel there is a plugin Add Stream URL (Add a streaming url to your channellist). I tried to use this plugin but did try to put the url using virtual Keyboard like Watch Live Online TV and Live...
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    Black Hole Vu+ Duo 2.0.5 Galaxy Backup By AYBERK 30.07.2013

    Hi Guys I have BH 2.0.5 in flash and other images on Meoboot. I was trying to install Black Hole Vu+ Duo 2.0.5 Galaxy Backup By AYBERK 30.07.2013. Media/usb/MbootUpload. The VU+duo freezes for installing new image in meoboot but did not auto reboots. I waited for more than an hour but still...
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    VTI latest image 6.0.0

    Hi Guys I was trying the latest VTI image in Meoboot and so far I found that it is an excellent work by the VTI team:thum:. I just want to clear some doubt about the various plugins pre-installed in the image such as: - Add stream URL - CDInfo - DLNA Server - DLNA/uPnP Browser - MediaScanner -...
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    Help with Dongle

    Hi Guys Need your help. I am not sure if this is the right place for this thread. I am a newbie to the DONGLE and want to know more about this box, how it works and how it is connected (I have seen the connection made in this thread). I have satellite dishes - Nilesat 7W and HB 13E. I am located...
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    VIX 2.2 in Meoboot

    Hi Guys Need your help. I have BH 1.6.2 FINAL in Flash. I have tried to see if there is a NFI image of VIX 2.2 for installing in Meoboot but of no avail. Is there a VIX 2.2 Backup NFI image available for trying in Meoboot? Tks B/Rgds Supermario