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    PDF for Windows 10

    Hi Anyone can give PDF for W 10: thum:
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    Can't load new image

    HI.I just want to ask, if there is some one who has the same problem.I tryed uploading a new image a couple of times but it shows me[ERROR[[timeout sending data), upload aborted! and also (the image is old version). Regards, Swan
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    Hello ! I would like to know where can I find image (firmware)for 500C model ? What's the best image for 500c ? Thanks !
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    ok i have tried the usb method to update the image on the box,after I formating with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" but i have error10,I have 5 USB stikers all the same error10.After I tried with serial but now I have error79 anyone know if box can be updated via serial lead from pc?
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    7025 freezing

    For some reason stops working randomly ( freezing )and has to be restarted,and works for 2-5min. and again.The free channels works OK.Only Pay_Channels freezing (Irdeto2) I am running the latest version Gemini2-390dm7025.nfi v3.9: I Have tried a fresh image but the same thing happens? Anyone...
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    Help IPBOX900HD

    Hi All, just got an AB IP 900hd a week ago, performance is excellent, especially HD,but I have a couple of issues to resolve I cannot update new image,I've read all post with similar problems but none of them work for me.Any suggestion on why I can't connect to a pc via ether usb gives error 10...