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    Crash with all images
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    Xstreamity 2.24

    Hi Is it possible to record iptv channels?How to set time forcrecording? Regards
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    ftp pass openvision

    hi what is ftp pass for openvision?
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    NeoBoot by e2TURK

    but does not give choices to select when it reboots
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    Hi Madmax What is new in this last release of neoboot?why exclusive to du4k? Regards
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    Neoboot 5

    This version does not function.
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    Neutrino - v3.71

    hello please explain how to installmon openmultiboot.after nstalling it ,what shall i do? regards
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    satdreamer image 6 ftp

    hello can not connect to dcc ftp,it says no boot manager found.please help
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    dm uhd 920

    hello is dm 920 uhd better than vu uno 4kse? Where to buy it from? regards
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    open hdf toolbox

    hello mates can we use the above plugin with other images like pure2/ thank you
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    Black hole 4

    hello what is quad pip? regards
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    oscam openplus

    Hello I need oscam for openplus. Thanks
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    google search on kodi

    Hello Mates I need google search on kodi.which repository has it? Thank you
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    m3u update

    hello friends please tell me how to update iptv m3u channels. regards
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    official image oscam

    hello friends I need oscam for the officialimage of vu is an excellent image . Than you
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    crash opendroid 11.5

    crash on 11.5 release of opendroid when picture in picture used. regards
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    satvenus panel

    satvenus panel is not working.
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    oscam for pkteam

    hello mates need oscam for pkteam image and the path for the config file. regards
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    Openesi 4.0

    Hello mates Please help me convert the backup opensedi fzip file into a usb format to use it on openmultiboot. I don't want the backup file on the internal flash. Best regsrds
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    Opendroid v6

    No kodi on opendroid????