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    Advice on anchoring heavy-duty motorised 1.2m system

    This comes down to personal preference. I used to use metal expansion bolts. But now I prefer 8mm x 70mm coach bolts (13mm spanner head) and 10mm plastic plugs.
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    Testing actuator reed.

    The next step is to see if the motor is running freely. For this you need to put 12v-36v into motor terminals BOT the reed switch contacts. An car battery charger is perfect for this task - 12v is more than enough to move the motor.
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    Testing actuator reed.

    There is a simpler way, but assumes that your controling device is working. Just run a separate set of four wires to the activator from your vBox (or whatever control device you use). Then send the dish east or west using the vBox remote. If the dish moves for a split second before it stops...
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    Carabao Cup (League Cup) Tonight 31/10/18

    West Ham vs Spurs Same key as 10°e Arqiva HD25 feed posted earlier here:
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    Working Sky UK SD Boxes

    I am compiling a list of old Sky SD official boxes that work with a current subscription SKY UK card. Have a few old boxes to test in next few weeks, but please add any information you know. Please give full description of the box (eg Pace 3100) , and what card is being used - white or red.
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    Clearing IMG3 EU when in BISS

    Is it possible to clear the IMG3 EU feed channel on 7east at 11020 H 7200 with BISS keys. I either get an fta test card, or when in BISS oscam says it has found a working key but the screen is black. I known that this channel goes to Tandberg for English football, I am asking about when it...
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    Testing Tandberg channels

    What channels can be used to test the new Tandberg encryption. The Fox channels on 42east have no signal in western Europe and the football feeds on 7/10 east are only alive on match days.
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    Hello people

    Hope to learn more about everything in the satellite scene