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  1. Dave5118

    Forever boxes

    Just started working ok now. Fingers crossed :)
  2. Dave5118

    Forever boxes

    BT sports 2 sd not working very well atm, others seem fine.
  3. Dave5118

    scrounging satpimos

    Satpimps are asking for donations to pay the server bill.
  4. Dave5118

    Forever boxes

    Games are on Prime video today and tomorrow Barney, so we'll have to wait until the weekend for that test.
  5. Dave5118


    Shouldn't be blindscanning anyway when clicking that, it only reopens the SA window if it's been closed.
  6. Dave5118


    Try...…. File-options-blindscan and change BS mode to blscan2.
  7. Dave5118

    Shoutbox disappeared?

    Is it just me, or has it been removed?
  8. Dave5118

    GTX 950/960 for DVBS HEVC

    Just wondering if anybody is using 1 of these cards to view the UHD promos on the various satellites, and how well they work?
  9. Dave5118

    Guy Martins Wall of Death Live!

    Guy Martin attempts to beat wall of death speed record on live TV Channel 4 feed 4:2:0 Eutelsat 12 West A 12.5W 11466 Horizontal 22500 8PSK 3/4 DVB-S2
  10. Dave5118

    Technomate TM-5402 HD M3 CI Super+ and Mgcamd

    Asking for a friend, but can this box do Mgcamd? I don't have this box or have any idea about Mgcamd :o Thanks in advance :)
  11. Dave5118

    Saturday Night Takeaway

    Saturday Night Takeaway - Rehearsals atm Eutelsat 12 West A 12.5W 12674 Horizontal 7200 8PSK 3/4 DVB-S2 ID: GCUK Enc 1 (GlobeCast UK) + OB Feed for Saturday Night Takeaway Eutelsat 12 West A 12.5W 12660 Horizontal 14240 8PSK 3/4 DVB-S2 ID: SNT Main Gillingham
  12. Dave5118

    Copa America Centenario

    The Draw for this years Copa America 100 years centenary. June 3-26 Held in the US, first time ever not held in South America. Eutelsat 10A 10.0E 11508 Vertical 7500 8PSK 3/4 DVB-S2
  13. Dave5118

    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015

    Probably back up feed..... 4:2:0 :thum: Eutelsat 16A 16.0E 12685 Vertical 9600 8PSK 3/4 DVB-S2 Service name: BBC NI UKI 912 HD 1
  14. Dave5118

    30w BT feed

    Hi guys, just wondering if anybody in the UK can get this feed ok I have had to re-setup my dish, and before BT feeds on this bird were ok, but can't lock this one at all, the other feed on 11621v 7500 locks ok, albeit a little weak. TIA, Dave.
  15. Dave5118


    Ten Pin Bowling - Weber Cup - Sky Sports Feed Eutelsat 16A 16.0E 11082 Horizontal 10000 8PSK 5/6 DVB-S2
  16. Dave5118

    Aquostic- Live - Status Quo

    Not to everybodys taste :D 12.5w 11104v 7500 3/4 8psk SD Live from Radio 2's Roundhouse studios