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    Which crypted package would you like to be hacked?

    I'm logging NAGra 3 us. And got 80 cards and a new microscope wish me luck. Im trying to.get a subscription in the us for the canadian digi2 111 114 sat keys.
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    DC2 QAM linux boxes

    It sucks that I cannot get a subscribed box for the Canadian vc2 box satellite. I have been working on getting the des keys out with the chip whisper on cablecards with emi probes.
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    DC2 QAM linux boxes

    Yea is any of the linux boxes have QAM tuners because once I get the dump out of a dc2 I need to practice emulating the 6502 in something. Its a pain because im gonna also need the oob data. Its 70 some mhz. I think I can get a SDR to get it so you can have 2 little usb devices to get cable on a...
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    I have made a glitcher, but think the public glitcher should be chipwisper nano. Been working off of chris zerlinsky how I crACK PAY TV. As soon as i get the rom extracted. I will know where to install the payload. Ive been guessing based on the 6502 where the intercept could be, hen I could...