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    searching a multistream particular transponder

    Hello, Has anyone tried to tune the 12543 at 5W ? I am not able to get anything there, tried many times. I have success all the rest multistream transponder (which require more data). I am not able to determine if it is 1) bad dish alignment for this transponder, 2) less or incorrect input...
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    dm800se which image 07ca:a867 avertv ledblu usb does work in ?

    Hello, I am trying for several days finding a within a year image for my dm800se that support the above dvbt without success: experimental no openpli no nn2 no openatv no dreamelite yes, but has other problems, its 2 year old, not supported italysat yes, but no feeds, to hard to find plugins...
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    dm 800hdse and it9135 usbdtt

    Hello, I have this model and put latest image of multimedia of 5-december Trying to install a usb dtt model it9135, I installed its drivers from feeds, ftp up firmwares required then rebooted. Here are logs of dmesg, lskmod, lsusb: =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2015.12.11 20:04:31...
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    newcs 1.67 & N3 Tivusat, is working or not

    Hello, I am trying to read this card with newcs.i686.usb in centos 32 bit old laptop. [ 14:09:10 ] [ Box detect ] Box type 1 (General Boxtype - Generic) [ 14:09:10 ] [ Config ] Value in <rsa> for device 0 (tvs) is INVALID, skipping... [ 14:09:10 ] [ Config ] Pincode for device 0 (tvs): 0000 [...
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    dm800se oe2.0 images and usb t stick behaviour

    Hello I have dm800hdse original and a nemesis oe1.6 installed, every thing working ok. Trying oe2.0 images, I am having problem, with my usb dvb-t stick. msi sky mega 55801. I installed its drivers and made it to work. The problem is: when the stick is inserted, while stb is booting, then...
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    dm500 replacement

    Hello I have 2 dm500, one is sat, the second terrestial, both are clones. The dtt one is damaged, and as I am more interested for terrestrial at this moment, my question is: Can I replace the sat lnb of working dm500 with terrestrial lnb of damaged one ? I checked the pins and are not exactly...
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    ASUStek TV7135 not known by softwares

    Hello I have a TV card, known by win7(from windows update) as: ASUSTek TV7135/Mercur Capture Device. None of softwares like altdvb, progvb, dream detected this card. how can I do ? thanks in advance
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    my dm800hdse not able to boot from usb

    Hello, I am preparing various sub sticks with different images but my original dm800hdse does not boot from them but always from flash. I made the appropriate change in bios: usb [/autoexec.bat] flash[none] With this config, dm does not boot from usb but goes to ssl mode...
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    self builded season not working

    Hello I build this model found here with three wires: strictly following this schematic, but cannot connect to fausto or wce, awaited boot does not occur, never passed the step: "waiting for reset"...
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    tivusat not working in debian-oscam-argolis triple reader please help

    I have this system with debian-oscam-argolis triple reader, where in the third reader I planned to put a tivusat card which is not working in any way. This reader is working well and stable with protocol smargo only, in port 1 and 2, the other protocols did not work (smartreader) or not stable...
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    nfidump ...

    Hello to All! I am trying to make an usb stick bootable with image, putting in work through bios of my dm800hdse, as some tutorial learns. Is not working, I thought because nfidump is not executed completely: root@dm800se:~# /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/dFlash/bin/nfidump...
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    quick question about webinfo cccam !

    Hello, I allowed webinfo for my cccam, equipped it with username and password and using other port than default(16001). My question is simple: during login, login window shows: 'The site says: "cccam server"' can I change this label message ?? ex putting like oscam is more serious: 'The site...
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    oscam problem reading cnx

    Hello I have some days trying to make working an oscam as creader for a conax dga card in a argolis triple reader without success The system is a debian 6 x86 I do not know the firm of reader, because it came some days ago without any cd I changed some settinngs in server and conf files...
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    wifi rev 2.3 a qustion for it -please help

    I own a cam as above with uw219, which is in working condition. I use with the famous C as client only inside my home LAN, but it can handle ONE C LINE ONLY, the second one, the first is ignored. in the r se*ve*s status is the second line shown as co*ected, the other is missing. If I...
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    clone images to original, safe?

    Hi friends, I see that the most of images are for clone dm. I have an original dm800se, and I want to try some images that are here, because they have included cccam also. Is safe to put images in my original 800se? Thanks in advance
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    nemesis 99r - how turn off timeshift?

    Hello I purchased as original a Dm800hse and put nemesis on it. I may not need the timeshift feature and may want to disable it. If possible map yellow button for something else Can you anyone tell me how ? I have a 120gb hdd in it, which is partitioned. I want to to turn swap on, but to...
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    Dm500T cardreader down

    Hi friend, I just brought a dm500T (terrestrial). I have also dm500s. I put the backup of dm500s to the dm500T. I change the ip and the channel list, and the dm500T connect to my home lan. I connect both receivers to each other. The problem is that dm500T doesnt read my card! In dm500S the...
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    cifs on nas

    Hello, I have a ipbox9000+usb nightly 0.7.5 with internal hdd and an external NAS. I am having no success on mounting shared folder of nas on /mnt/cifs. I found a file: /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EMUmanager/, inside this script is listed, as a kind of library...
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    preparing usb stick from PC linux

    Hello, I am preparing a usb stick 2gb with a version of latest firmware 055 from a PC with fedora linux, doing the same steps that I did from ipbox9000 with enigma 1. all steps are performed ok, like fdisk, format,and tar(this runs much more faters than from ipbox), I can see files of firm...
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    how to nfs share hdd/movie folder?

    Hello, I have a ipbox9000hd using e2 0.5.0 of sifteam in usb. How can share or configure in ipbox in order to be able to mount nfs a hdd folder from another linux stb eg dm500 tha is in the same lan ? thanks in advance