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    openwebif plugin

    Hi guys Where can I find openwebif plugin in .ipk format? regards
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    Vu Solo2 (LONRINSUN) clone

    Hello Subject to the safe images . We look forward to the one who will patch new images. regards
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    oscam & Bis Ultimum 13E

    Hello guys What is the correct entry for the reader? [reader] label = Bis protocol = mouse device = /dev/ttyUSB0 caid = 0500 detect = cd ident = 0500:042800 group = 1 blockemm-unknown = 1 blockemm-u = 1 blockemm-g = 1 saveemm-unknown = 1 saveemm-u = 1 saveemm-g = 1 That is correct ? Which...
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    Diablo ,Fausto & Season

    Hi guys I want to return to the test , but I lost my old working Fausto configuration files. My configuration: Local sharring on diablo cam 2.3 with Fausto & season . Have established the connection to the server, but not decodes video. I used default value for season : Caids: All AtR Bauds...
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    OpenPLi-2.1-beta-dm800-20120816 by gjstroom

    Hi guys ! 1) Using Dream Logo Generator and enigma2tool I can not change any bootlogo. Do these programs work with this image? 2)After installation dFlash from PLi server do not see it in the plugins,but it works. How to I display it? regards
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    Hi Does anyone have iDreamX_3.0.1a beta program? Please give me a link, or info. regards
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    F line

    Hello How has look F- line ? User-friend have to get everything from me except my card : 01000068 . F: user pass 2 0 0 { 0:0:1, 100:68:0 } not work. regards
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    SS84A and meoboot

    Hello Which image with SS 84A (DM800 Hd) in flash working stably with meoboot? I tried a few and have not found acting. regards
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    DM 500hd clone & DM 800se clone

    Hello Question for owners which have two recivers. Which is faster ,and what are the pros and cons ? regards
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    Condolence for àð÷è

    Due to the death his mother. Rest in peace. Hold on, my friend!
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    Hello The SHOUTcast green button (genres) results in my: Got 0 genre. Could be a network problem. Please try again ... Plugin from BP or TS panel results the same. Where can I find good working plugin ? regards
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    Error in Dreambox WebControl

    Hello What is this kind of error? Error parsing simple list xml list:type error xml is null. Dreambox WebTv can not open. In flash all ok ,error only on the images from meoboot,but not at all. Any advice? regards
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    SatDreamGr Image V2.0a DM800

    Hello Which CCcam is adapted to the image? regards
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    Hello all I'm trying that image on meoboot. Nice image, but a very long time to boot, the longest of all who tried.The same problem in flash. OpenPli is fast image, why this booting is so long?(about 5 min.) Someone had the same with this image ? This can be remedied? regards
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    Hello I want to install samba on Dm 800 and I'm looking for a Faq-user, but without positive results. Can anyone suggest some links ...? or share knowledge on this subject? regards
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    Wi-Fi TL-WN321G v.4

    Hello What is the chipset in the TL-WN321G v.4? Where can I find drivers for linux? regards
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    Telnet command for Dreamteam Image

    Hello What is the command to telnet to delete the plugin Genuinedreambox? Standard command : ipkg remove -force-depends enigma2-plugin-extensions-genuinedreambox in that image not work. By the way..where I find full telnet commands for E2 ? regards
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    Film ; Arrivano e titani - 1962

    Hello ! I'm looking for links to film Arrivano e titani - 1962. Benvenuto Ricerca di collegamenti a film :Arrivano e titani - 1962 regards
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    Meoboot for OE 1.6 for clone

    Hi all Where can I find Meoboot for OE 1.6 for clone? regards
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    800hd clone

    Hi all I have clon sim 2.01-SS75 On board:sim201e-75-EDG-Nemesis-1.0-dm800-20091224 Meoboot in plugins.When I try to install it on a USB stick, tuner does not see the stick.USB stick-formatted in Fat 32. What should I do to install meoboot? Any drivers? External drive does not see too.Please...