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    IPTV channels cut out after 30 secs ?

    When I load all of the IPTV links found in the IPTV section most of them clear and work fine for about 30 seconds then cut out to a black screen, theres no problem reloading the channel but the same happens again. Are the broadcasters causing this or is there a way of writing them that stops...
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    Welcome back guys.

    Worried for a few days, well done. :thum:
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    Frank Ifield, The Complete A and B sides

    (someone asked me for this on another board then the post was deleted, the links are good so grab it if you fancy it) Track Listing CD1 01. Lucky Devil 02. Nobody Else But You 03. Happy Go Lucky Me 04. Unchained Melody 05. Gotta Get a Date 06. No Love Tonight 07. That's the Way It Goes 08...
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    where is net work menu on a 5000

    I know where it is on the 9000 and 1111 turns it off or on, I cant see this option on a 5000 though.
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    Cant post in blue dragon section !

    I've got a few files for peeps but the bdc section seems locked down ?
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    Ukraine -v- England on tv Alfa CY

    on saturday on 13e according to LJ's wednesday.
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    what loader?

    what loader should be used with these plese ?