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    PKT Hyperion 5.5 and CrossEPG

    Hi there, I am having issues with the latest PKT image for CubeRevo 9000. When I download Crossepg the downloader does not work (looks like libcurl could be missing ?) and once downloaded the Plugin screen tells me that there are no more plugins available for download. Has anyone found a way...
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    PKT Hyperion 5.3 recording issues

    I am having problems recording and the same issue is occurring on multiple boxes and therefore a range of different HDDs. When I start playback I am getting the green screen of death. I am typically using a 1Tb Hard Drive formatted to .ext3 on SDA1. If I use exactly the same setup on the 5.1...
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    CubeRevo 9000 PSU repair

    Hi Guys, if anybody is having problems getting a CubeRevo 9000 psu repaired please contact me
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    Eco-shutdown ?

    Hi All, I have just been commissioning a new Ipbox 9000 (not Cuberevo) and I have found a difference which I need your help on. On the Power Setting menu it offers two options; eco-shutdown or standby. Unfortunately if I set it to standby this setting is lost the next time it is rebooted and...
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    Replacement display

    Hi there, I have an original DM8000 with a faulty display - vertical line permanently displayed. Can I replace with one of the new OLED displays from a clone ?
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    Enigma 2 fast forward - help please

    Hi Guys, I am running the latest SifTeam E2 image in flash and I don't seem to get fast forward to run faster than 8*. Have reloaded image and reformatted HDD but no change. Is this a common problem ? Can it be fixed ?
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    Sifteam DGS 13759 and CrossEPG

    Hi Guys, Today I tried the latest DGS release from the Sifteam camp plus the Sippolo extended version. In both cases the CrossEpg downloader failed to work. Normally during download process the screen goes blank, presumably while it downloads from HipHop. With the latest version this doesn't...
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    How to fix Channel following reboot with DGS image

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to set the boot-up channel with a DGS image ? Mine boots to Bio HD and I would like it to boot into Sky Sports HD1 ?
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    BMT Yeti Image

    Hi DKA, Have tried the BMT Yeti image. It certainly has everything pre-installed, very impressive. I used Mgcamd on 28.2 which seemed to work perfectly. I inserted my working Oscam.server file into Oscam but did not work first time so parked that one for the moment as it's less importatnt to...
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    Uboot version ?

    How do I find out which version of bootloader / Uboot installed in the CubeRevo9000 ? If I use the menu for system information it just tells me what date the file was installed. I am sure that there must be a way using Telnet. Help please.
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    Oscam installation Sifteam Extreme E2

    Hi Guys, I have finally gone back to Enigma 2 based images. The Sifteam extreme seems great. However the E2 images will not allow recording one scrambled channel while watching another while using Mgcamd 1.35 (if someone has made a breakthrugh on this I would be delighted to know !). There is...
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    Different Cuberevo 9000 versions behave differently !

    Hi Guys, I have got 2 different types of Cuberevo 9000 boxes - most recent purchase has a case fan at the rear of the box and the older version has a fan in front of the HDD. The two boxes appear to behave differently with the latest DGS firmware revisions. Specifically the newer box works...
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    Help ! no reception BBC3 & BBC4

    Hi Guys, I am unable to get picture or sound on BBC3 & BBC4. I have rescanned the relevant transponder and other channels on the transponder all work eg. BBC2 England, BBC1 London, CBeebies CBBC. I have the same on 2 boxes both running the latest Sifteam DGS image. I am using Mgcamd 1.35...
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    How do I install a .patch file on an E2 image ?

    How do I install a .patch file on an E2 image ? Do I have to rename the patch file first as en eg .ipk ? Do I install via flash tools ? Can anyone please advise. Thanks.
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    Crossepg auto timed actions resolved in NLB image

    sWhen I ran ps -A on my Sifteam and NLB images I noticed that crossepgd was started in the Sifteam image and not the NLB image. The strart up script is in /var/etc/rcS.d/ i guess the sifteam image is running the scripts in rcS.d but the NLB image isn't. So I copied and pasted...
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    nlb11694 web interface password

    Has anybody been able to login to webinterface of the latest NLB image as root with password relook ? Maybe I screwed my first installation but it isn't accepting relook as the password. Have I missed something ? Rainman can you comment please ?
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    How to auto start a plug-in ?

    Hi Guys, In a DGS image How can I give a plug-in a timed auto-start ? How can I get a plug-in to start at boot ? Any help appreciated !
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    How to do an Automatic timed cuberevo reboot at 5am every morning ?

    Hi There, Can anybody help me with - How to do an Automatic timed cuberevo reboot at 5am every morning ? I am using the latest NLB DGS image (which is outstanding !) with Crossepg running on 28.2E but the image seems to need a reboot following the automatic download EPG update from HipHop. I...
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    Can I install mipsel.ipk on Enigma 2 or DGS ?

    Can I install this plugin on Enigma 2 or DGS images enigma2-plugin-extensions-autotimer_0.3.0-20080704-r2_mipsel.ipk
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    Any experience with Autotimer v0.3 plugin

    Hi Guys has anyone installed Autotimer on their cuberevo ? If so where did you get it and how did you do it. Thanks