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    satdreamgr-images-8 mutant hd51

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    6.5test img from Pure2 HERE
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    HYPERION 7 for mut@nt HD51

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    10 Bootlogos for receivers

    Bootlogo HERE
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    Open ATV bootlogo for mutant

    HERE Bootlogo.mvi files go into folder /usr/share/ and have chmod 755
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    openATV 6.4 BETA

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    zaphistorybrowser for some images like Openvix HERE
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    PKT HYPERION 6.4 image for mutanthd51

    HERE :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:
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    purE2 Tool_Kit v0.4a Portable

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    Bootloader update for mut@nt HD51 V107r27

    this boot loader is required for images as of May 2019 and now r27 (Fix Recovery) * Fix div problems (Images from May 2019) INFO even older image then run smoothly! How is this bootloader flashed? For safety's sake, first save settings so that you can restore them later. (at all Start_Ups, if...
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    T9 TV Box with RK3328

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    PKT Hyperion 5.5 IMAGE KATHREIN

    - gstreamer 1.10.1 - python 2.7.12 - actual base - OWIF 1.0.3 - new packages - new channel list 20x1 (2016.12.12) - a lot of fixes and updates HERE :thum::clapping:
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    PKT Hyperion 5.5 IPBOX CUBEREVO

    - gstreamer 1.10.1 - python 2.7.12 - actual base - OWIF 1.0.3 - new packages - new channel list 20x1 (2016.12.12) - a lot of fixes and updates Special THX to TDT, Duckbox-Developers, OpenPLI, OE-alliance and all betatesters. FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam In online emu for download there is...
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    kodidirect-usb_3.1 and IPTV

    kodidirect-usb_3.1 Install from KodiDirect list - IPTV. Make a folder m3u in /etc/KodiDirect and put your m3u playlists in /etc/KodiDirect/m3u kodidirect-usb_3.1_r0_all.ipk :thum::clapping:
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    PKT SVN-3464 HYPERION v5.4 Image for Ipbox receivers - gstreamer 1.6.1 - actual base - new packages - Alternative Player2 mode - fix hdd sleep - update translations - THX @sq9 - update samba - THX @redblue - a lot of fixes and updates HERE...
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    PKT SVN-2860 HYPERION v4 Image

    PKT SVN-2860 HYPERION v4 Image SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5580 MIPS OpenPLI GIT-15226 Added by PKT: [SH4] Based on E2 PLI 13-11-2013 [SF1028P] add ExtraCache for NAND Image [SF1028P] nand optimalization [SH4] BootSetup Fix 4 USB HUB working {ALL} added polish EPG updater in BP [ip55] bootsetup...
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    install e2 on usb with BA

    2.02_Final_FTP_2nd_BL BA_6.0.0u_Original_UFS910 baboot_v0.7 dreamset239 KCC3_2 PKT_UFS910_Enigma2_Y2K11_Image Vhannibal E2 Dual Feeds 13 mar Vhannibal E2 Motor13 mar HPUSBDisk and screenshots for installation step by step here if you want Summer or Titan img then you must install BA 6.1
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    ACT OpenPLI v1.1

    ACT OpenPLI v1.1 Release OE 1.6 15 - 01- 2013 ::: changelog ACT OpenPLi v1.1 Based on Enigma2 Open-Pli Git ::: - add new Plugins ( Full Package ) - adapted ACT-Toolbox Panel - new emu Manager - bugfix for HD channel freezing problems - add emu on new style - add share info...