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    Vivacom Hot Bird@ 13° E

    is the signal will change , or will it stay like that ?, i tried with my own sat dish 1,3m i get signal but is not stable
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    Which crypted package would you like to be hacked?

    can you pls send me some details what brand receivers , from where can i buy , plus servers
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    Which crypted package would you like to be hacked?

    can i use forever server on enigma2 receivers?
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    MTN Worldwide TV on 15°west B27 EnoSat Wellikan 20.04.2023 12226 H DVB-S2/QPSK 31428 4/5 MTN Worldwide TV 1-101 Astra-4A BSS Europe MTN Info MPEG-4 100 6177 6178 Eng AAC new MTN Special Events MPEG-4/HD 101 4897 4898 Eng AAC PowerVu new...
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    Νέες Συχνότητες Για Digea

    kalispera to kanali Mega stamatise na ekpembi ?
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    I've notice that most of the package are also broadcasting bulcrypt ,conax and nagravision. the question is : will they soon turn off the buklcrypt encryption and then they will change into conax and pair their receivers so nobody can hack them? can someone confirm me please? many thanks Antony
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    Ert flix

    Kalispera Paratirisa pws stin selida ertflix tis tainies kai seires paizoun 3 lepta diafimisis kai **** stamatoun, mibos kapoios kseri kaneis giati ? Euxaristw Antoni
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    insert latest keys but doesnt work - no video only i can hear audio did they change the keys again? can someone please confirm if it is down i have amiko alien it used to work before changing the keys many thanks Antony
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    Discovery science polska 13e

    What happend to discovery science ? Did they stopped broadcasting? Can someone confirm me please Many thanks Antony
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    Foxlife turkey

    Happy new year Foxlife Turkey not working anymore does anybody know what has happened? Why did they stopped broadcasting? Regards Anthony
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    Neosat 1e

    Hello Is anybody out there who knows if these package is working with cardsharing? Thanks Anthony
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    schematic diagram

    hello i am looking for schematic diagram for my vu+solo 2 , i've searched everywhere but didnt find it. is anyone knows if there's a diagram for that model of board. i have an issue with the fan and it doesnt work i beleive that the prob is with mainboard unit i've checked the fan and is...
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    Signal 3e ERT package

    Hello I’ve notice that on freq 12734 16750 3/5 DVB-S2/QPSK MPEG-4 which is the Ert package is not transmitting Do anyone here knows if they changed freq or left from satellite? Please let me know if anyone knows any news Many thanks Anthony
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    Bbc entertainment

    Hello guys Now that digiturk has gone , is there any way to get this channel ? I used to get through digiturk now is dark , does anyone know any other way that works through cardsharing or emu ? Pls let me know . Many thanks Antony