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    BBC Satback Package has Launched on Telstar 12 Vantage @ 15°west

    First you have to check, whether you have the BBC signal or not. Simply tune to 11043 V. Any receiver or TV with DVB-S2 tuner will do. If you have signal, then specify your Amiko model. But you said, that no luck... next step will be bigger antenna dish.
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    BBC Satback Package has Launched on Telstar 12 Vantage @ 15°west

    You can try right now, do you have signal or not. For tuning and saving channels into memory key is not needed. Sweden is long country, we don't know is there where you are any signal.
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    Kabelio on 13E

    It sounds that you are on Eurobird 9 deg east satellite. Feeds comes from adjacent 10 east satellite. If satellite antenna is aimed to Hotbird 13 east, then there are no feeds to receive.
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    27 west satback

    Siminn TV and radio on 11610V 4166 and very low SR radios are still working and comes well with small dish here in North-Estonia. So that means satellite is on its place. What is strange - i thought that after Satback switchoff this forum will be flooded with messages concerning signal loss...
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    Prime-focus dish - LNB recommendation

    How this long pipe between scalar rings and LNB itself affects signal strenght and quality? Theoretically it should not have major effect, as ultra high frequency signals can be transported and indeed transported via hollow tubes instead of coax.
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    Prime-focus dish - LNB recommendation one link from najnakup. Najnakup itself is web page where all offers from many web stores are put together.
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    Latest DVB Dream Chat Topic

    Does DVB Dream see your TBS-tuner? Try re-initialise the tuner and set it up in DVB Dream as you did at first time.
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    Astra TP 10906 and 11258

    Sadly no-one is updating Ariva-Ferguson software anymore, even on newer models. So if provider make changes to their encryption, then our boxes won't open these channels.
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    Sat TV channels we can watch via "our" Emus...

    I asked which is right - KoS who says CryptOn or other sites telling it's DREcrypt. I googled that CAID and got no useful answer. I have no reason to believe KoS less (or more) than other sites until i get proof that says otherwise. Can you link to this 'telegramm hack channel', i didn't find...
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    Sat TV channels we can watch via "our" Emus...

    Is it certain? CAid is similar but not identical to DREcrypt and KingOfSat tells that RusMir packet is encrypted with CryptOn.
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    BCC 27.5 West info
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    Ferguson Ariva T265 – Terrestrial TV STB

    Hi I found a quite cheap set top box for DVB-T/T2 on local web store. It is Ferguson Ariva T265, one of the few that supports H265 video format, sadly not 4K, but 1920x1080p should be OK. And now I have...
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    Second RCU for 252 combo

    Hi I would like to ask, if Ariva's smaller remote control RCU-540 works with Ariva Ferguson 252 Combo? It has originally RCU-650 universal remote. I need simpler second remote for elderly person, who find using RCU-650 is too complicated due the ring-shaped knobs at the middle of that remote...
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    Searching for vPlug Database key editor v0.1.0

    Hi My question is quite odd, because that program mentioned above in the title is very old, but I thought still want to try it to keep my vplug's key and sid .db files compact and neat. Here the thread is locked (reason why I made this one...
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    Hi to all SU members

    I'm from Estonia. I found sat-tv as hobby for myself over decade ago, but (no reason to hide;)) now I want to get most out of the vplug programme, while it still lasts for providing "extra's". Regards