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    Recording stuttering help

    Hi anyone help please recordings have started stuttering but it seams only the audio it will drop out about every 2sec not sure if video is doing the same. picture and sound are good while watching live if i copy the files of the box to pc /mac they play perfect i have reflashed with old dgs...
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    CubeRevo nlb8340

    cant post file but nlb is out Release date : October 23. 2008 Changes: * added: NLB Panel (start with green button) onscreen menu, webif alternative * added: Incubus camd v0.5 (not configured! will crash box if not configured) * added: mount usb stick or Harddrive with Windows filesystem at...
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    NEW RELEASE r8264: Added or improved Function

    The Readme for CubeRevo HD model series. This document was approved on 17/OCT/2008 by the DGSTATION. NEW RELEASE r8264: Added or improved Function ------------------------------------------- 1. The video player(Divx 3,4 and xvid, mpeg 2, H.264) : video player can support some file formats such...
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    Newcs 1.61 Out!!

    not sure if i can post links but the heading says what it needs to..:thum:
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    Phoenix USB

    Phoenix USB PL2303 enabled in newcs.xml but output from newcs cant find device anyone got any ideas here is output from newcs [ 13:51:20 ] [ Loader ] Reader type 2 on node /dev/usb/tts/0 [ 13:51:20 ] [ Phoenix ] Opening device /dev/usb/tts/0 [ 13:51:20 ] [ Phoenix ] Could not get device...
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    F! France

    can someone try to get this as i cant seem to get it been trying for sevral races now . is this box capable of picking up these feeds ? Formula 1 Magny Cours Grand Prix in HD Intelsat 10-02 & Thor 2/3 (1.0°W) 11531 V 13244 Id: F1inCinema MPEG-2 4:2:0 720p DD5.1 17Mbps Upscaled World Feed For...
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    7219 driver for vista

    anyone have driver for the new hardware found in image 7219 or how to config :)
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    Channel list

    Hi can anyone post an upto date channel list from 60e to 60 w i try satco but now have a lot of doubles ,trebles and also missing lots regards:mecry:
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    feeds formula 1

    i tried and better tried to add feeds for f1 Sunday but no success this is a great box but db is not so cant add itv-hd now cant add feeds on 45 west for f1 disappointing scanning and db need work from ground up i think just my thoughts :)
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    Scanning dvb-c

    hi all is it possible to scan from 0-99999999 with out putting tp's in on cable it is hard to get info for tp's so i ask if it is possible to just scan raw and find tp's as it goes
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    i have a new ipbox9000 if i install a sifteam image it panics all the time reboot after reboot do i have aproblem with the box or the image or am i missing something image flashed in usb mode with flas tool 1.02 :mad:
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    cant find luxe HD and others on 28.2 im using and old sky dish at the moment is the lnb good for this or have i got to add a TP seems on looked on net for freq. and find different ones can someone confirm where it is and answer my lnb question thanks:mecry:
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    Where to buy in UK

    Hi Im new to this board and havnt been doing sat since i last converted a ferguson bskyb box for dmac but im interested in one of these ipbox 9000.. can someone tell me where to get one in uk or best price for one elswhere thanks