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    Wanted: Kathrein 910

    Hi, Does anyone have an old Kathrein 910 laying around which they are not using. The power supply in mine has gone, I attempted a repair and I think I damaged the main PSU in the process. So even if you have a non-functioning box I might be able to repair it. Please let me know if you can...
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    Help installing plugin

    Hi, I'm a VU+ newbie and I'm trying to install the BBC IPlayer on my box running Open PLI 3.0. I believe i have to first install the extension-et-livestream form the plugins menu. When I do so I get the following error: wget: bad address ''.... collected errors: *...
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    AAF Spring - Free Space Problem

    Hi Guys, I have just installed the Spring FLash image on my Kathi 910. It works but free space is very low - I can't install any EMU's. I have read that a solution is the SWAP file, I have a hard drive conected via the USB for recording - will this not alrady have been used as a swap drive in...
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    Hi, Does anyone know if UKEPG works with the Summer Dream Flash image. Thanks in advnce, Rob.
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    Summer FLash & UKEPG

    Sorry wrong section - post edited - please delete.
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    Enigma 1 > 2 favourites

    Hi, Is it possible to copy the favourites from an Enimga1 image to an Enigma2 image. Thanks in advance, Rob.