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    Gigablue SE+

    i'm having problems flash 3 boxes i have tried like 8 USB drive and I can't these boxes to install any images, used CMD HP tool to format in fat32 and still no success what it could be the problem? is it there any other way to flash gigaboxes?i've found Flash online tool on openmips but ow I'm...
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    Clarke-Tech HD4100+

    how do I install any image out there?every zips I've downloaded has no Boot.bin so I'm wondering how I can install any enigma2 on this box Cheers :confused:
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    looking for UPnP

    i can't find the plugin to use UPnP client for my patched BH 1.4.3 or 1.4.4(?) using on multiboot with sif on flash and HDD BH but how and where i can find an UPnP client..can't find the Mediatomb also
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    how to stream?

    how i can stream outside of my LAN? i keep getting only the first 3 seconds using webinterface, idreamx dreambox air control..with WMP and VLC and it's not even a network problem, I have 100mbps/10mbps tried on OSX leopard/lion also on winXP, win7 64bit same crappy results any particular...
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    where to buy?

    where I can buy an original Vu+ Duo? i'm quite tired of my dm800 clone, first time i've thought it was original or it's better to buy the original one?but only one tuner cheers for the help
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    Black Hole 1.4.4 looking

    for the cccam 2.1.3 version that works with this image on multiboot but can't find a good one that i can install on it on tuniasat i can only find the 2.1.4 and it wors but i want to have the 2.1.3 version if it's possible cheers
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    problem with ramiMAHER-v.4-dm800-2011-1-28-76D

    i can't get to crossepg to work don't know why but it ain't working :confused:
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    newbie need help

    I'm wondering how I can install Black Hole, i have an internal disk 320gb but how I'm ging to install BH on the HDD?since it can be installed only on "external memory" :confused: Cheers
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    olo to all