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    ОpenATV 6.5(build)

    you can download the image online
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    ОpenHDF 6.5

    ОpenHDF 6.5
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    Build for DM800SE original sim a8p from 20181122 by Ednaz Full channel. On the FIDE a lot of things... There are only 8 languages moreover, ffmpeg serviceapp, exteplayer3, gstplayer, electronic control panel, iptvplayer and so on, put separately with feed for their needs. you can...
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    OpenPli 7.0 DM 800 HD

    OpenPli 7.0 DM 800 HD (a2p) I present to your attention a TEST Assembly image OpenPli-enigma2-7.0-rc-dm800_nfi for DM 800 HD. Image for original DM 800 HD
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    openatv-6.3-dm500hd (a8p)

    New image on dm500hd from openATV beta team openatv_6.3_dm500hd
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    6.1 homebuild DM800HD OpenPLi (Tuxbox TX980L) for originals and clones (all sim)

    OpenPLi 6.1 homebuild for original (genuine) DM800HD PVR with A2P sim (SSL84) and clones with Sim 2.01 (SSL84D), E-Star V3.0 sim (SSL84E), Ferrari sim (SSL88F), Japhar sim (SSL84J)from lprot we take away the image by clicking on the link previously registered...
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    DM800HD : Japhar Sim Images

    Così fai le correzioni per l'immagine 6+++ sotto 84D sim2.01 .e ' un sim Japhar ? il tema per la vostra qui -