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    strong srt6355

    any patches or guides here folks? any links on how to ? any help would be apreciated
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    7-day epg on non linux tm's

    This might be useful for who can use the 7epg on astra 28.2 east channels like the 6000+7000 super series +5402 (and does not know how to do this yet) scan trp. 11.777 v 27.500 any tv channel on this transponder,will load the 7-epg on your stb ,go into epg mode on one of those channels by...
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    Canaal digitaal still fta

    Hi all This forum looks good as yi might know tvv are fta at the moment on astra 1 19.2 +astra 1a3d 23.5 e looks like their changing to seca3/mediaguard only ,any seca3 patches out ?there:thum: