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    PowerVu Chat [only chat, don‘t post keys here]

    thanks, i only want know where can buy offical box of MTN
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    PowerVu Chat [only chat, don‘t post keys here]

    are you sure this box can open disconver and MTN, AFN in same time ? and how much?
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    pv with oscam

    Powervu with OSCAM 11717 emu emm and ecm key all fine in my dm800, even can get new ecm key for autoroll via emm anytime, but i try let other clinets box connected to dm800 not open via cccam , and i have to edit new ecm key file in dm800 can open in clients box. any good oscam config...
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    PowerVu Chat [only chat, don‘t post keys here]

    have to put ecm key in dm800 can let other box work via cline, i not have see other way can get new ecm key from dm800 in sametime. i think someone who can give us good config or suggest.
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    MTN Worldwide TV on 15°west

    who can make new emm stream bin file to me ? thanks
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    V6 0606caid

    V6 0606 card can 1-2pcs channel by everycard with oscam?
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    viaccess 0500

    how to get aes for 0500 viaccess? some channel not work with oscam
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    Director of 3760 H 3000, 4120 H 30000

    using DVBdream 3.7 and TBS 5590 for 103W have two TP for Director (3760 H 30000 and 4120 H 30000), which way record find key by poc tool?
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    need EMM.bin of 123W

    who can send me emm.bin file (4020 H 30000) of Galaxy 18 at 123.0°W? an friend record TP stream by box but nothing can get, he isn't have DVB card. thanks
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    who can extract bk/rsa/aes/cwpk with dump file of CAK7? thanks
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    Flash bin file

    need bk,aes and cwpk rsa by this two dump file who can help me ? thanks
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    dump file of CPU and Flash

    who can help me dump file of CPU and Flash? thanks
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    need oscam run 0100 and 1803,1860

    all 3pcs card with box not HW paired, i am heared all card work with private oscam only. Who can help me run card of Nagra 1803 and Nagra 1860 , 0100 (seca) by private oscam? xxxxxxx thanks
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    Nagravision CaID's: 1821,1862, 1861, 1803

    i have 4pcs different nagra card, Who can help me run these cad with server? CAID: 1821,1862, 1861, 1803 Thanks
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    Need help of 2.3.0

    my server is running Cccam 2.3.0, clients connect to my server is very slow, need wait around 1min can connected with server and stable work , channel not freeing. when clients change to next channel need wait around 20sec to 1min again until connect server and work stable again also. what...
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    Canal 22W and ZAP 36E

    who have solution of Canal+ 22W africa and ZAP 36E africa ? thanks
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    DSTV help

    have a old dstv actived(not paired), who can help run card with oscam. thanks
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    YesTV 4W package

    YesTV 4W full package is working by CCcam? thanks
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    oscam-emu conax

    who have emulator of oscam emu for conax(PTV Sport)? thanks
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    oscam-emu of conax

    which can get full solution for oscam-emu of Conax ? cheers