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    convert Y6 to Y4 discusion

    it is impossible to convert y6 to y 4 the fact is a significant difference in the hardware and the caution to use this sw
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    Rai: in esclusiva Europei calcio 2012

    ROMA - La Uefa ha annunciato oggi di aver raggiunto un accordo di esclusiva con la Rai per i diritti di trasmissione in Italia di tutte le 31 partite degli Europei di calcio Uefa 2012. ''La Rai - spiega Viale Mazzini in una nota - assicurera' la trasmissione in diretta delle partite su Rai1 e...
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    Cup King of Spain fall under a bus Real Madri

    lol NXxSuzRpTps fBoNsaRhJdI :D:D:D:D:D
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    Flash Damb MicroBox Dongle 1. 69 and solve the problem of black screen

    Flash Damb Software for the new dump1. 68 and solve the problem of black screen Settings loader Not given to the new flash
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    WINCSC latest version

    last version for wincsc
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    Last date for officially ending the Cards irdeto Showtime Orbit

    15-12-2010 Is the last date for ending the Cards irdeto in the Gulf And to stop the pack on the Orbit satellite Arabsat (Badr) Any end of Showtime will be in the piece of history Also Featured ads on the channels of Showtime Orbit for the end of the illegal contributions Of channels in...
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    coming soon microbox 3

    coming soon microbox 3 and site support him strongly One Warranty 2 years and renewable Stay tuned for the new version on 01/01/2012
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    Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

    3PAJqgeeJf4 nice song
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    tomorrow I will put all things :)
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    how work receiver MicroBox on Server newcamd

    first you must load SW Botech V1.09 MiniBox update after loading SW pressure from the remote button and then Blue 000 then we see patch enabled after pressure from the remote key, and then the Blue 111 and choose from the menu that will appear PC card sharing ECM and push Ok now the device...
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    How to get rid of the problem was reaching the upper limit of the channels in Humax

    before the start of the search for channels log in to the list of the organization of networks must review all existing networks in front of you if you find one of the networks there is no front channels should be immediately delete this network after it is better to use the search robot If you...
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    whats new in ToH3.4_HoT11.4b

    What is new in ToH3.4_HoT11.4 A version was the default mode of choice: send DiSEqC twice for cascade in the list of configuration is OFF, but was not the case, it was ON and the best option if no use is OFF. so the version ToH3.4_HoT11.4B to address this problem and makes the default option...
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    How to work 1 sat or many satellites from Humax Motor

    Anyone who wants to work sat , or more than one multi-channel satellite in the beginning, we open HNF SMART program twice HNF SMART in the program No. 1 click on the option of greate in Program No. 2 click on the option open and then choose the file you want to withdraw from satellite...
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    How to setup and connect Microbox dongle

    first we conduct dongle with electricity then we open the loader and press the START as shown here we see the process of modernization after the completion of the update connect the receiver dongle
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    solution to the problem of 8888 for all arion

    my experience in solving the problem of 8888 for arion asimple and fast the solution is to remove rest button on the dashboard and arion powersky and devices like. only :D works 100% :thum:
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    discussion HoT11.3

    any question or problem in New HOT 11.3 will be discussed here
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    crack for ProgDVB 6 xxx

    copy the two files in place of the installation of ProgDVB and click a loader note that Loader Used for all programs ProgDVB version only the sixth amend the validity duration of the work as finished version thx
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    How to Use SSSPPLUG+HADU on Humax sssp -plug hadu 2.after opening sssp plug we are open blugins 3.amendment will be in a file hadu 4.adjustment method, and now the lines within a file hadu a simple way requires focus and follow the steps 5.we open the program sssp plug-hadu and click on connect...
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    Solve the problem of failure of some channels nova in shermax

    afile ttachment that is placed with the shermax in one folder the file to prevent any conflicts in the work of channels operating system irdeto
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    Solve the problem of the three points after the test

    Download the files in the order and then download any patch When you select the programming DiSEqC programmed channels and through the automated search and not manual :thum: