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    sky italy works on cccam?

    Thanks for answer. I think I understand now. So, stream-relay is the only way to watch icam channels for now.
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    sky italy works on cccam?

    Thanks for answer. I think I understand it now. Is it possible that team images like (openpli, openatv...) implement that and offer us option to view icam channels in normal way?
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    sky italy works on cccam?

    Can someone explain why need to use stream-relay, I mean why it is not possible to watch without it?
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    sky italy works on cccam?

    Does sky it work using stream-relay or without it?
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    Thanks mate for advice and same 3satbox also. I checked yesterday and movies channels and sky sports austria 1 hd during football games worked very well.
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    Hi. Do You maybe know which icam version is stable for gemini 4.1 image for dm520? I tried last one and I think v5 also and they have many freezes and constantly intereption. Thanks for any advice
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    I tried on open atv 6.5 and don't open channels, but ecm works.
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    Hi. Do You maybe know or anybody is it possible to find/get oscam 11.711 icam source code?
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    DM520 Gemini 4 Image oscam compile help

    Hi. Can somebody compile oscam for Gemini 4 image for me? I will send You via PM what I will need. Thanks anyone for help
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    Gemini4 image Stalker Channels/Client plugin and OpenVPN Client

    Hello. Can someone explain me, how can I connect to any stalker server via stalker channel/plugin? Where do I need to write portal url and credentials? Also, can someone explain me how works openvpn client? (I install openvpn plugin and got also openvpn server. Can someone explain me more...
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    DM520 and Mgcamd (Newnigma image) - Problem

    Hello. Is there any option to run mgcamd on newnigma 2 image? I tried some deb format file but nothing.
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    FBC tuner and recordings

    Hi. I plan to buy vu+ or dreambox new stb with fbc tuners. For example if I buy this model VU+ Uno 4K SE 1x DVB-S2X FBC Twin Tuner - can I use on first fbc tuner fixed satellite dish which will have Unicable LNB (16e position)and record whatever channels I need from 8 different transponders...
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    South America sport channels in EU

    Hi. Is it possible to get signals for some sport channels from south america on these sat positions (40,5w, 43,1w, 55,5w, and 58w)? And is it possible to decrypt them?
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    Hi. I am new here. I am glad to become member of sat universe and hope can learn some new interesting things about satellite world. Regards