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    Movielist crash on OpenPli with HDGlass16 skin

    Hello I use Openpli from ages and hd glass 16 skin. Everything was fine til the I freshed my system today. When put video button the box crashes (green screen). It is a known bug with glass skin I found on pli site : Anyone knows a...
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    Hello Can we use online update in this image?
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    Best settings for 103E-61W ???

    Hello I am looking for the best settings. Expectations: - extended with most of the positions between 103E-61W - fresh channel list, frequent updates Need not only the most popular bit positions. Need for total motorized system with rare positions as well with sparse channel lists updated...
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    HDGlass skin feature recommendation

    I can use only this way, because my recommendation was deleted from skin file topic (despite it was not chatting, but closely related to the project development. :mecry: Maybe the developer can't fint this topic here, but I try this way. Feature request: - Enable choosing HEX or DEC pids...
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    Blindscan for dm800 ???

    Is there any blindscan util for dm800 like this?
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    Does Multi-Mediathek work on clone dm800????

    Is it possible to use this plugin on clone dm800?
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    Satfinder for Android????

    Is there an application for Android like this?
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    Dreambox E2 SatFinder for Mobile

    Is there a howto for this?
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    ts playback and timeshift issue

    Hello New driver is out by ramimaher for clones with 2.01 sim "dreambox-dvb-modules-ramimaher-sim201_2.6.18-7.4-dm800-20110302-r0_dm800.ipk" I tried it on dm800 clone with 2.01 sim 1: newnigma2-release-dm800-v3-1-6 #76D ramiMAHER with built in driver: ts playback and timeshift works well 2...
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    Skin: HD Glass 16

    Most jelenleg a 2.25 a legújabb verzió belőle. Infobar-on mutat tp adatokat, bitrate adatokat és cam adatokat is. Bővebben mint más skinekben. Help gombra még bővített p adatokat is mutat, PID-ekkel. Két dolog lenne amit még meg kellene oldani benne. A sat pozíció adatokat ne beépítve, hanem a...
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    OpenPli 2.0 béta

    Image: OpenPLi-2.0-beta Sziasztok! Na akkor hogy beindítsuk itt a dolgokat. Ezt a topicot azért nyitottam, hogy legyen egy magyar nyelvű diskurzus is itt erről az image-ről. Számomra enigma2 alapú imagek közül ez vált be ezidáig legjobban. Skint a hd glass 16 -ot használom. Ezzel a...
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    HD Glass 16 - old satellite positions on infobar

    Hello. Anyone know a solution to change up-to-date satellite positions on infobar with this skin? 19.2e is not Astra 1F and so on. I managed to find these infos are in ShowTP.pyo and plugin.pyc but i can't change them because these are binary datas of python 2.6 This skin is great and would be...
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    hello everybody nice to be here :)