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    skysat v20

    A $40 box I got yesterday to play with. You have to load firmware when you get it,the factory firmware has no hacking stuff in it.I loaded the dec 2018 firmware via usb.You have to do a factory reset to load it properly.Then you set up your sats.It lets you use a mix of fixed and motorized dish...
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    I thought the original readme said it was good for any system as long as you had the cw's I tried running it and it said there were checksum errors in the cwl,like it was expecting biss cw's I am not trying it with biss.
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    Powervu Home edition query

    The write-up for v 2.0 says: I have such a channel, so I recorded a 4gig .ts file with my gsky v7 receiver. demuxtoylite shows the ecm pids as 1771,1772,1773,1774,17d3 but when I open the file in powervu home edition tools tab and use the pid 90 default,naturally the program finds no pid 90 but...
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    97w knowledge

    3 channels on tp 11709v 3580 that are supposed to be powervu but I can't get them on my gsky v7 I got the keys 4 separate times with powervu home edition but the channels always say scrambled. The channels were on another tp at one time, viaccess I think so the channels may not even be powervu...
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    tocomfree s929 acm

    mainboard LD3526_V1.2 ali3526 processor 3 pin rs232 header on mainboard. Trying to track down a working rs232 loader.
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    checksum 8's

    I noticed on a key posted last night the last checksum 8 was wrong and the key still worked.I figured the receiver doesn't use the 2 checksum 8's and they can be any bytes.I entered the key as xx xx xx 00 xx xx xx 00 where xx are the correct keys and the channel still popped in.
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    globo hd405

    Thinking about buying a globo hd405 but was wondering about support. I don't see and files for it on the net.I know it gets powervu but was wondering about the support it has?
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    mis peliculas

    30w 12092 h 30000 (americas) mis peliculas channel is listed as viaccess but is actually viaccess and powervu. My gsky v7 just detects it as viaccess but will save the powervu emms to usb stick.Maybe somebody with a dvb card can separate the powervu part and actually watch.
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    hellobox gsky v7

    mainboard gd_s2+hd_k3_v1.1 20141223 uses the same remote control as the old coolsat 4000/5000/6000
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    PowerVu Chat [only chat, don‘t post keys here]

    progress with powervu maybe?
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    s900 biss keys

    the s900 biss keys are in a special format and I can't find the s900 format keys for the channel I want to watch,only the normal biss keys found on the net.Anybody know how to convert the keys to s900 usable form?
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    x2 channel editors

    An channel editors out there that will handle .ssu db files?The one I did manage to find was for a cheertek processor and crashes on the x2 files,which is nt78326 based.
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    edited anonymousx

    With the aug 1st firmware;import your tp_prog.dbs using the mst firmware tool v0.5 then load the .abs to receiver. After that,you should be able to update the sat/channel list via usb or lan.
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    version check

    If you are going to post openbox s9/s10 firmware check the firmware date on the receiver sys info screen first.The so called april firmwares are really from dec 2011.
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    c001 au 97w n2

    Looking for provider c001 and c101 (not c102)n2 au keys,but all the ones I find on the net are supposedly for tv globo instead. I see 3des keys posted,but they never posted the 20byte key that went along with the des keys for the 3 providers at that time. The m1 key posted in many softcams for...
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    setone m3602?

    Trying to track down firmware for the setone m3602 based receivers that came out after the hd4u model,if there are any. They never mention the processor type on the homepage and lack quite a few download-able firmwares. These would be 4meg flash that use .abs files to update.
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    B* SS Server Status and Updates

    Is there any receiver that auto rolls biss keys? Somebody said the azbox does.I often see sat wildfeeds encrypted in biss that need keys quickly.
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    skybox network tab

    the skybox firmware has no network tab in the menu,possibly true fta only. You can still get at some of the settings via ethernet and the lan manager program.
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    Hello from over in the colonies. Just here to keep track of nagra3.