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    DM900 UHD

    DM900 UHD and MgcamD Does anybody have a working image with a working Mgcamd on? All the links i try are dead Thanx in advance
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    OSCam and CD nordic

    Can anybody help with a problem? Oscam says rejected group (0 ms) (no matching reader) in my server, and i see nothing under readers, is there any log i can post to get some help here?
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    Newcamd cardserver 6,10b

    Hi there. I am upgrading my old DM600 to a DM800HDSe box, but i am a little confused about installing the Newcamd. My OpenPLI does only accept ipk files from the tmp/ folder. So were can i get a install file for that??. Or should i put another image on the box??