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    Mgcamd for ET-5000 Open AAF??

    where i can find E2 Mgcamd open aaf image please ?
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    Cccam needed

    can anyone help how to install cccam in the new VIX image ?
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    CCCAM Needed

    I need cccam for this image Clarke-Xtrend Image V3 et-5000 please ?:stretcher:
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    ET 5000 Newbe

    I have 2 question please: 1- It's known that I should make a folder in USB flash ET5000 with Egami image and put it in the reciever when it is switch off but what to do after to install the new image ? 2- i am old DM800 user and i want to transfer my channels and bouquests to ET5000, how i can...
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    What is the best Image for ET5000 ?

    I am new at Clarke ET Boxes and i would like to know what image to use in ET5000 ? I am mainly concern using cccam and external EPG ?
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    Original DM800 or ET5000

    I know it sound silly but please i need your help, i already have DM800 and just received ET5000 as a gift and felt bad when i saw no place for internal harddesk as my old original DM800, so i am confused which is better to use? should i keep using dm800 and keep that ET5000 in the drawer...
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    What is Enigma 3.2 ?

    what are the new features in Enigma 3.2 ?and i have original DM800 with Alps BSBE2 (DVS-S2) does it have blind canal search? and if not ? can i change the tuner ? :thum:
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    EPG in newingma2

    i have newingma2 3.2.2 on original dm800, i want good epg plugin in it and i can't find crossepg in addon server. Please
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    GP3 Picons

    how to install picons in USB in ICVS GP3 original box
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    OpenPLi Emu

    i tried all the images except one image i couldn't setup emu or emu manager in it which is openPli. I heard it is stable and very light in the memory, can any one tell me how to setup it? or which plugin works with it ?
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    DMM Dream Elite 2.0 Beta URL

    can i have the extra URL for the new Dream elite 2.0 and what folder should i put it in ?
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    DM800 Settings

    where i can find HD channels and SD channels with organized boutiques for sat Bader 26E + Nile 7.0W + Hotbird 13E together please ?
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    I need latest mgcamd and cccam for my DM800 EDG-NEMESIS 2.2 ?
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    The new image icvs backup by sari

    This new image made by sari and ramimaher destroyed my dreambox and even with dreamup i am getting black screen i don't know what to do , it is not good for sat-universe to put image that destroy your dreambox i always trusted this forum but not anymore.