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    problem with freezing on my vuduo

    hi guys ive tried a couple of these new images on my vuduo ive tried the new openpli and blackhole and blackpole images all are good but my box freezes up a couple of times a day with them. when i go back to my vti 3.1 image i get no freezing issues and cant understand why. can anyone shed some...
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    Strange problem with my azboxHD

    Ive got a strange problem with an azboxhd it keeps feezeing, so i thought id upload the new openpli into it and same problem.In my network it shows the box working but the screen is frozen i cant figure out why,so thats why im asking if anyone else has encountered this problem and how it can be...
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    oscam reboot script wanted

    Hi guys ive got a vu+duo and useing latest vti image ive got oscam installed aswell!!! the problem im having is the card freezes up after 48hrs use so im needing a script to set it to reboot oscam every 24hrs so that i dont need to reboot it manually can someone help please?:confused:
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    egami image for ct9000

    im wondering if the guys of this image will make a oscam/mgcamd script for their image?;)
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    help setting up mgcamd

    hi guys i know how to set up mgcamd as a client to newcamd and oscam!!! but im needing help in setting up mgcamd just to myself no card shareing just to me in the box the card is in. i just want mgcamd to read my *** card so i can get pics any help and id be greatfull.:confused::confused:
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    need help setting up camd3

    hi im wanting to lower my times in my et9000 so was thinking about camd3 protocol but never done this so need some step by step instructions? to be used with oscam?:confused:
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    Oscam on a VU Duo

    I have a VU Duo running Oscam #3876, with a Blue (subscriber subscription card) in slot one sharing to a couple of other STB's (DM500) in the house. Quite by accident I found if I put a working Aurora silver card in a purple cam in the top cam slot I got pictures on the VU. How can I add this...
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    new gemini3 enigma for azbox

    i just uploaded this image into my azboxHD it looks fine only problem i have is in the av settings it only goes up to 60mhz my tv is a 100 mhz 1080i tv and in hd channels looks like its in slow motion.does any body have a fix for this to increace the mhz in the image to 100 mhz??? other then...
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    help needed

    as of yesterday our provider made some changes and 15% of our channels show a black screen we dont know what they have done but they have done something. ive updated to newest version oscam but no luck!!:( its a N#S card any help will be greatly appreciated!!:(
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    wanted 1 clarketech et9000 image that can read the red dragon card?:(:confused:
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    clarketech et 9000 help

    ive just got myself one of these boxes and ive been trying various images to get my red dragon card work in it with no success!!! i had this problem in my vu+duo as well but i found that putting in the usb pli 1.0 version worked with it!!!has anyone figured it out yet to get this card running in...
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    help with bottom slot in vu+duo needed

    Hi guys ive got a vu+duo which im running oscam server through recently i aquired a red dragon card my user card works flawlessly through oscam/cccam set up now i want to intergrate the 2nd card the dragon through the bottom slot but cant get it to read card top slot occupied by my n#s card!!!im...
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    help with nemisis image for vu+duo

    does anyone know how to install cams in this image???im trying just cant do it i need help??please:mecry:
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    2nd server help on vix 1.3 image

    hi guys can someone help me ive got a vu+duo running vix 1.3 ive got my own server running ok through the box with oscam/newcamd setup the problem i have is my friend has given me his cccam line and says its ok to onshare it to my users but have now idea how to set this up!!!any help would be...
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    wanted 1 genuine red dragon card??pm details
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    card reader problem

    ok guys im in aus and we have problems with the vu+duo's reading our cloned irdeto cards or gamma,t3 cards any idea as to how to get the box reading these cards???thanks in advance :confused:
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    vu+duo help

    hi guys im experiencing a weird problem ive got blackhole image working with oscam never had any problems but recently ive been having a timeout coming up on oscam,and the server freezes and then i need to reboot the box anyone else having this problem??:(
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    hi from australia

    hi guys im from downunder in australia just touching base and hopeing you guys on here are friendly??lol