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    Diablo CAM: Duolabs lack of support....

    And the most craziest thing is that the new Diablo2 bugs in some of my receivers and old Diablo Light converted to Diablo2 works better than the new one... It is a shame that Duolabs hasn't updated this great cam.
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    TNT Sat 19.2E on Diablo doesn´t work anymore

    Hi guys! Can somebody confirm that TNTSat channels in 19*E are out in Diablo Cam since 24h00 today? I was just watching a movie and at 24h00...out. All channels gone :confused:
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    Matrix Reloaded Nagra 3?

    Hi guys! I have an old Matrix Reloaded Cam and I have a spanish friend that will come to stay here at my place and he will probably bring his official Digital+ card Nagra 3. Can I use it in my MReloaded and, if yes, what bin file to use? I already checked the Matrix section but nothing I...
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    NBA (EU) TV Intelsat 905 (24.5°W) **Chat Only Here, No Keys **

    Just tested in 2 receivers and not working :S Is it a special transmission like 4:2:2 or normal SD?
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    Update to Ipno 0.31

    Guys, Tried to update my D2 to Ipno 0.31 but showing error everytime! I had to reinstall last Ipno 0.30. Does someboy have the same problem? :confused: Cheers
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    [CHAT]Cas Studio

    Diablo2 rev. HW 4.0 ?! Another update to pay I presume...
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    What HD receiver?

    Guys, I would like the opinion of you about the HD receivers. I still have a SD receiver but I would like to buy a new HD receiver, if possible not very expensive and with the following characteristics: - Read Diablo2 cam - HD - Possibility to install Firmware with Emu - possibility to do CS...
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    WDS Tv open?!

    Guys, I watched yesterday for the first time WDS Tv in 10*E because I saw that there was a CCW Key available for it and which was in my Diablo2 keyfile. However, this morning, I noticed that the channel is still open but I also noticed that it is open without my Diablo2, just using the Emu of...
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    RAI 2 problem

    Guys, Can someone confirm if RAI2 in 13*E is working? I have a black screen since the beginning of the game and Seca keys are right...:mecry: Cheers
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    Format error

    Hi guys! Since I install the new CAS 8.7.1 I am unable to format my Diablo 2. When I am formatting, at the end, I have a message saying "Format error". I can install new firmwares, keyfiles, caids, backups in my Diablo 2 but impossible to format it. I am using Windows XP Home edition and I...
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    Ipnosys 0.16

    Mates, In Ipnosys 0.16, only ART in 13*E or also in 7*W? Regards
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    XXXtreme (13*E) open with Diablo2!

    Guys, XXXtreme channel in 13*E, freq. 12207H is open with my D2 with Via2.6 :clapping: See you!
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    MTV in Diablo2

    Guys, I have Diablo 2.3 and Diablo2 but is it possible to have MTV conax channels with D2? Thanks :thum:
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    Put french language in Diablo

    Hi guys! I would like to know if it is possible to put french language in Diablo Menu. When I am changing the options with my cam inside my receiver, I don't have french. How can I ad it to my Diablo? Thanks :thum:
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    Diablo + BIS card

    Hi guys! Just a little question concerning Diablo. Is it possible to use an official BIS (ex-ABSat) card in my Diablo Cam? Or should I buy a Viaccess cam? Thanks :thum:
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    Fox Serbia (12.5*W) down?

    Guys, Just lost complete signal of Fox Serbia in 12.5*W. :( All the other channels in this satellite are ok, so something happen only with this channel. Can somebody confirm that it is down? Thanks
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    KabelKiosk new channels

    Now that Diablo opens Kabelkiosk, great channels are availble. But the new year 2009 will bring more channels to this package, this time, American channels! The new channels will be: -America Unleashed -Total Hip Hop Television -News and Finance -Indie Pix and Classics -It's My Faith -Indie...
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    Diablo Big Bomb - vote!

    Hi guys! This is my first poll :D So, Diablo is saying again that a Big Bomb is coming soon. In your opinion, what will be the Big Bomb? Vote!
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    HD receiver: opinion

    Guys, I am thinking of buying a new receiver, a HD receiver. I would like to have your opinions about the best choices. I would like a HD receiver but compatible with Diablo Cam and that could be patched with new firmwares, if possible. Can some of you give your personal opinions? Thanks
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    RAI 4 in Kaon 570

    Guys, Since the beginning I don't have RAI 4 in Hotbird. I put the right keys but all the channels are ok but RAI 4 no. Is there a way to fix the problem? Thanks