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    How do I see which cs lines connected?

    Let's say I hypothetically subscribe to a cs service. I get a few cs lines. How can I see which ones my box has connected to? If using cccam I believe ppanel shows which lines box has connected to but how do I do this with oscam? I use OpenViX if that helps.
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    Buying a new receiver but which one? DM or Vu+

    It is time to replace my old DM800HDSe but I am not sure which one.. Vu+ Ultimo 4K Dreambox DM900 UHD 4K Which one would you chose and why? I want PowerVu without stream relay and blind scand. Stream channels at 5W would be nice added bonus but not a must. Anything else to think of? Or would...
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    Flashexpander messed up my ssd!

    Hi, I installed flashexpander from OpenPli feed on my DM, it asked me if I wanted to use SanDisc storage (have USB and SSD of SanDisc) but it turned out it used my SSD drive :mad:. All recordings were moved to /usr and suddenly I had no drive to record to. I uninstalled flashexpander plugin but...
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    Alps tuner Rev M fake or real?

    Hi, I purchased an ALPS DM800 BSBE2-801A supposedly Rev M tuner. But I am not sure if I really got Rev M or genuine or fake... can anybody tell me if mine is genuine Rev M? I can add it has an electrolytic capacitor on bottom side of the pcb. I have seen pictures with tuner without this...
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    How do you enter CW?

    Hi, I want to Watch tonight's CL playoff feeds at 10 E. I found key for current feeds in biss feed keys section and it probably works since posted by reputable users and received many thanks. I press 8280 and enter the CW mentioned twice. But I have no Picture, only sound. Would appreciate if...
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    New to Technomate 5402HD M3

    Hi, I got myself a new 5402HD M3, mostly becuase I wanted BBC package at 27.5W and the ease of entering biss keys. Getting 27.5W to work was quite stright forward thanks to a few guides I found here at sat-universe. I noticed that the BISS section had 100 slots and they were all occupied - is...
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    Which file to edit BISS key?

    Hello, I have a DM800HDse with OpenPli 4. I wonder which file do you edit if you want to add / change biss key? I use cccam. I have tried edit biss, & SoftCam.Key in /usr/keys. Despite I altered a known key to wrong key the channel still opened. No difference either if I reboot the...
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    Key in Biss keys in DM800?

    I have DM800HDse with Newnigma 2. Suppose I know a biss key for a channel I have installed, is there any way I can open that channel by just key in the correct key? I don't want to upload key files or any of that sort, just punsch in the numbers and letters. I know it is possible on Spiderbox...
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    No audio on aac-he channels

    I noticed today I couldn't get any sound on the HD channels at 27.5 west. I had them working before. I have correct key installed as the channels clears, also the SD channels (with sound) but no audio on the HD ones. When I pressed audio button I saw it said AAC-HC. Any idea how to get the audio...
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    Which HDD for DM800HD se?

    Which HDD do you recommend for DM800HD se to be used internally? Are there any official recommendations of models to use? Currently I have ATA-WDC WD3200BEVT installed which is a 2,5" Western Digital 320 GB. I experience glitches (video freezes after ~20 minutes) when I play recorded HD...
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    Install multiple LNB's

    I have one dish pointed at 27.5W and I'd like to receive 24.5W & 30.0W aswell so I tried mount them next to eachother. But it seems very difficult to get signals on the side LNB's... is it difficult to do this when the satellites are so near eachother? :confused: Dish size is 100 cm. I get very...
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    How install skins

    How do you install skins on a DM800HDse? For instance this one: It has no ipk file, just a mapp with lots of files. Where do they go and how do you make the skin recognized by the DM? Probably dumb question but we're all newbies at...
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    BBC Package

    Hi, I am trying to open BBC package on 27.5 W, 11495 V. I want to use it on cccam. I have tried following: 2600:000000:1044:0065:1FFF:: Key beginning with AA and ends with 53 and 2600:000000:0000:0191:1FFF:: Key beginning with AA and ends with 53 works as I can open other biss...
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    Biss on cccam

    Hi, I have a DM 800HD SE. I have managed to get the box to open Biss and Irdeto 2 channels through Mgcamd (softcam). However, I am 99 % of the time using cccam and it would be sweet to get Biss to open with cccam so I wouldn't have to switch cam every time.. is it possible? :D Thanks.
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    Thinking of buing a Spiderbox

    Hiya, The Spiderbox 7000 HD looks promising so I might buy one. I swifted through the technical specifications and it seems it does not support *** which Viasat among some others use. Will I be able to open *** channels if I use Diablo Cam 2.3 Light with it? Thanks!
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    Thinking of buying a DM

    Hiya, I am a Technomate 6900 owner since couple years back. The unit has served me well but now it is more or less bricked as most packages are encrypted. So I was thinking of maybe replace it for a Dreambox. Will it open up any packages? Which DM would you suggest if I want HDTV aswell. Must...
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    C+ NL ?

    Seems like keys are finally available for C+ NL... does anyone know how to get them to work in a TM-6900? I tried put them in a diablo cam but no success.
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    Biss Key for World Cup feed?

    Hiya, Soon World Cup Football in South Africa. HDTV feeds will be at Eutelsat 10E and maybe 7E and encoded in BISS. Would be sweet if anybody could find out which key is used.. :D
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    Eurosport HD

    Hi, I see in ConstantCW that Eurosport HD is available on hotbird (11278 V). Can any kind soul please hint me how I can input the keys? I have Technomate 6900 HD with Diablo Cam 2.3 Thanks and xiexie (chinese for thanks.. :D)
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    Now Off Al Jazeera Sports

    Could you please tell me how to get the sportschannels to clear? I downloaded "Fausto & Diablo Keys" file from here but it did not help when I checked at hotbird 11,296H. I read something about Caids 0500.. not quite sure what that is about. I did modify main.xml in the CAIDS folder on the cam...