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    Add server details via USB.

    For TM6800 Super, TM6900 Super, TM7100, TM5402, TM6902 & TM7102. Extract to USB, see Slot 1 & 2 within text file for how to fill in server details. Enter your own details, and save. Insert USB into receiver, highlight file and press OK. Reboot receiver, and all your details are entered into...
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    TM500/600 Recover from rev3 image (password)

    the TM500 and TM600 image 2.0.20rev3 has an unknown telnet/ftp password contained within it. simply flashing over the top of it with another image will not work. After 4 days and way too many beers, i finally managed to resurrect a receiver flashed with this image and get full access to flash...
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    Hi all

    just thought id say hi ill have a look around and hopefully be able to help out here and there digidude