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    saudi arabia football on 3.1e biss key?

    hey guys anyone can help with the biss key 11086-H-5573 on 3.1E thanks in advance.
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    TM 5502 hd ci+ Biss key help

    Hi guys, i've installed the latest phantom patch but it seems i cannot save the biss key when exiting. Plus on the patch notes indicates that pressing mute and exit takes you to the biss menu but it doesn't. Patch problem? or am i missing something? thanks
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    What LNB to get for low SR feeds on 1m dish?

    Anyone can suggest a good lnb for 1 meter dish to tackle those low symbol rate feeds? Someone suggested to get INVERTO Black Ultra HGLN 0.2DB Single LNB. any thoughts? Thanks
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    icecrypt 3200 hd erwtisi!

    Kalispera pedia eimai kainourgios sto forum ala niwthw oti exw arxisei na pianw pragmata :) . I erwtisi mou einai oti sto icecrypt 3200 hd gia kapio logo de mou pernei ta biss key eno kserw oti einai swsta. exei kanenas ebeiria apo to sigekrimeno receiver? euxaristw!
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    Icecrypt 3200hd help needed

    Hi guys, i patched the 3200 with the patched firmware ad locked to the feed but i cant enter the biss key properly any guide on the biss menu would be great! Thanks
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    cant find feed on icecrypt3200hd

    cant find feed on 3.1E TWP_1 11085 H 5572 with icecrypt 3200 hd, when the feed is active. any ideas why? thanks in advance
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    Disk size for 3.1 east Eutelsat 3B from South east UK

    Hello, anyone could advise on the dish size to get eutelsat 3B 3.1 east from London? I have people telling me different things and im completely confused about it! Thanks in advance.
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    mbc sports question for a newbie

    Hey guys ! Glad to be part of the community ! quick question Ive seen posts for the mbc pro sports channel on 2 different satellites one is fta and the other one requires a biss key. Anyone can explain the difference? 2 sats are eutelsat Eutelsat 8°W and Eutelsat 3C (3.1°E). thanks in advance!
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    So thats my first post, glad to be part of the community!