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    My box remains stuck

    After the installation of 'RTI_Core_1.3' my receiver always remains stuck on '=s' (Loading enigma2). In order to get the ip on the receiver, I've placed the file 'patch.bin' on a usb stick, but when the receiver boots up; the image 'RTI' writes a folder 'usr' on the usb stick -- making it...
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    What does this mean?

    "ERROR: Could not read reader->convention"? Thanks
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    Mounting CCcam.mipsel

    On image Vxx there is no bin-folder in the var-folder, so I creat one with 755-permissions, in which I place 'CCcam.mipsel'. I do not know how, and why; but the bin-floder in the var-folder is always removed! Why does this happen, and what to do? Merci.
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    What kind of hardware is needed to extract the box-, and rsakey? How do you apply the software 'RSA/Boxkey'? Is it uploaded to the ccCam, or what? Thanks.
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    'HackSat-file' in which folder?

    'HackSat-file' in which folder, and what are the permissions for the file itself, and the folder in which it's in? I did this -- please do correct me, if it's wrong -- in /var/tuxbox/; I created a new folder:'plugins', with permissions: 755. Then I placed 'HackSat' in 'plugins', and gave...
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    How to install new image?

    In which folder is the 'default skin' located? I apply 'BH-image'.
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    In need of the remote control code for VU+ Duo

    I'm in need of the remote control code for VU+ Duo, in order to program a universal remote. Usually such code is like:'6543'.
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    SNR-signal, unstable

    I've tried many images on my 'VU+ Duo', but the problem remains: 'SNR-signal' is unstable, no services found. When the 'SNR-signal seemed to be stable, I've pressed the 'OK' on the remote, and the 'SNR-signal' became unstable again! Is there something wrong with the hardware of the receiver...